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B-Complex B-Complex 60 caps.
Biotech Usa
7.94 €

B-Complex 60 caps.

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Vitamin B Complex 60 caps.
Vitamin B Complex 60 caps.
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The seller, importer and entity responsible for the description is:
  • Advanced vitamin B complex
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and health-promoting compounds
  • Promotes the body’s general health
  • Supports nervous system function
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Optimises energy metabolism
  • Helps normalise the lipid profile
  • Contains an antioxidant complex
  • May promote well-being
  • Stimulates regeneration processes
  • Has cardioprotective properties
  • Boosts energy

Biotech B-Complex is an extremely advanced vitamin B complex which may be categorised also as a multivitamin supplement. It enriches your diet with many vitamins and substances with health-giving properties.

The product stands out from other vitamin B complexes due to its composition with numerous additional ingredients. Apart from other vitamins, it contains health-promoting natural substances which supports also the functioning of the body. The formula comprises:

Vitamin A – occurs naturally in offal, fish oil and carrot and has a key role in eyes. By combining with opsin, it forms rhodopsin, a compound responsible for normal functioning of rod cells in the eye. In addition, adequate vitamin A intake is associated with healthy skin, hair and nails. It has also a vital role in the athlete’s body because it promotes mechanical performance of the locomotor system. Furthermore, vitamin A has been shown to function as an antioxidant.

Vitamin C – associated mainly with its antioxidant properties. As a potent antioxidant, it helps regulate levels of free radicals in the body, thereby preventing excessive oxidative stress. It promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, both by influencing beneficially the lipid profile and optimising blood pressure. What is more, vitamin C is also present in the synthesis pathway of collagen which is a component of cartilage. Because of that, its adequate intake has a positive impact on joint function.

Vitamin D – a vitamin synthesised naturally in the human body under the influence of UV radiation. However, its production is often insufficient and many persons have a deficiency of this nutrient. As a consequence, it is one of the most frequently recommended supplements.

Since vitamin D is responsible normal bone mineralisation, it plays a key role in mechanical performance of the locomotor system. It has been shown to have an extremely important function in the immune system, thereby enhancing the body’s immune responses. Adequate vitamin D intake has also a beneficial impact on carbohydrate balance and may reduce the risk of cancer.

Vitamin E – a very potent antioxidant which protects body cells from harmful effects of free radicals. It exerts a beneficial impact on cardiovascular function. It promotes therefore erythrocyte function and has cardioprotective properties. Proper vitamin E intake helps maintain normal neurotransmission. It has also a positive impact on muscular function. What is more, vitamin E deficiency may impair the quality of the skin and sexual function.

Thiaminevitamin B1, has a vital role in the nervous system because it is involved in the production of two important neurotransmitters: serotonin and acetylcholine. Its deficiency may lead to serious neuronal dysfunction. Adequate thiamine intake influences also beneficially mental function and may reduce symptoms of depression. In addition, it promotes recovery, wound healing and has a positive impact on skin quality. Requirements for vitamin B1 are increased by different kinds of stressors, including physical activity.

Riboflavin – vitamin B2, found in body in an active form as the coenzymes: FAD (flavin adenine dinucleotide) and FMN (flavin mononucleotide). It takes part in energy metabolism. It has also a vital role in the immune system by regulating the production of antibodies. In addition, riboflavin is also important for eyes, since it is involved the reception of light stimuli. Vitamin B2 deficiency may also cause mucosal dysfunction.

Niacinvitamin B3, also known as vitamin PP, is extremely vital in processes aimed at energy production. Insufficient niacin intake has been found to correlate significantly with mental health. Vitamin B3 supplementation may reduce symptoms of depression and other mental disorders. Furthermore, adequate intake of this vitamin helps maintain the optimal lipid profile, thereby improving the HDL-LDL ratio. Proper amounts of niacin in diet support also healthy hair.

Pyridoxinevitamin B6, a precursor of many coenzymes which has therefore a vital role in the body’s energy metabolism. It assures efficient energy production from nutrients. It has a beneficial impact on cardiovascular function, helps maintain optimal blood pressure and is involved in haemoglobin production. It is vital also to the nervous system because it regulates neurotransmitter synthesis. Vitamin B6 supplementation is recommended also to women who suffer from painful periods.

Folic acid – the next B vitamin in this supplement, known as vitamin B9. Its supplementation is the most popular among women who are planning pregnancy because its adequate intake is linked with normal development of the foetal neural tube. It influences also beneficially the nervous system in adults, thereby promoting its healthy function. Vitamin B9 is present also in the synthesis of gastric juice, consequently affecting digestive function.

Cobalamin vitamin B12, an important agent which regulates energy metabolism by taking part in methylation as an coenzyme. It is involved in the remethylation of homocysteine to methionine and the conversion of methylmalonyl-CoA into succinyl-CoA. Vitamin B12 has also an important role in erythropoiesis, namely the process of red blood cell production. Inadequate cobalamin intake may lead to megaloblastic anaemia.

Biotin – also known as vitamin H and vitamin B7. It is known as a dietary supplement for women which promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. It has also a vital function in nutrient metabolism and may lower blood sugar levels. What is more, it is suggested to support normal functioning of the nervous system and may promote well-being. It has also synergistic effects with vitamin C and thus promotes its bioavailability.

Pantothenic acid – belongs to a group of B5 vitamins and has a significant impact on nervous system function. Pantothenic acid deficiency may impair cognitive functions. Too low intake of this vitamin leads to impaired coordination and may be the cause of painful muscle cramps. Furthermore, vitamin B5 contributes to normal absorption and utilisation of nutrients from food. Adequate pantothenic acid intake is also essential to optimal secretion of steroid hormones.

Iron – an element that is critical to normal functioning of the human body. Its deficiency may affect especially persons who have a low intake of meat products in their diet. Its basic role is that it is a component of the prosthetic group in haemoglobin. Because of that, it is essential to normal cardiovascular function. In addition, since iron is present in active sites of many enzymes, it boosts immune function, promotes regeneration processes and influences beneficially nervous system function. The main symptom of iron deficiency is anaemia.

Selenium – the next microelement found in this supplement that is vital to the human body. It is extremely vital in maintaining healthy thyroid function and that is why it affects metabolic rate. It is also involved in the production of glutathione peroxidase, an extremely important antioxidant which prevents oxidative stress. What is more, selenium influences beneficially immune function. It is believed that its supplementation may also help combat depression and rheumatoid arthritis. Other studies correlate selenium deficiency with the development of cancer.

Copper – a microelement that functions mainly as a component of active sites of many enzymes, including superoxide dismutase, thereby promoting antioxidant activity in the body. It regulates neurotransmission, consequently promoting nervous system function. Since it is involved in collagen synthesis, it exerts a beneficial impact on the condition of connective tissue and may slow down the signs of ageing.

Chromium – an essential microelement which is associated mainly with its impact on carbohydrate metabolism. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, thereby increasing insulin sensitivity. It is suggested that chromium deficiency may promote cravings for sweets. In addition, chromium helps optimise the lipid profile, consequently improving the HDL-LDL ratio. One of the most common symptoms of chromium deficiency is headache and chronic fatigue.

Citrus bioflavonoids – natural compounds derived from citrus fruits with strong health-giving properties. They are antioxidants and thus help maintain normal levels of free radicals in the body. By reducing oxidative stress, they help indirectly prevent cancer and may slow down ageing. What is more, they are believed to have detoxifying properties because they are able to bind substances that are harmful to the human body.

Bee pollen – a source of many bioactive substances with a beneficial impact on health. It promotes digestive function, helps curb appetite and stimulates metabolism. It has antifungal, antibacterial and also antioxidant properties. It contains phenolic compounds with cardioprotective effects.

Ginseng – has health-promoting effects on the human body due to the content of bioactive ginsenosides. They are indicated to promote cognitive function, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of mental work and learning. In addition, they help maintain optimal blood pressure. They can reduce menopausal symptoms in women and help achieve and maintain an erection in men. What is more, ginsenosides may have indirect antioxidant effects by stimulating antioxidant enzymes.

Guarana – a vine which is a natural source of xanthines that act on the human body, including caffeine. It has therefore stimulant properties and is frequently added to energy drinks. Due to the content of other active substances, guarana is more effective than sources that contain only caffeine. Because of that, it is recommended for persons doing mental work. It may also promote well-being. Some sources report that guarana has thermogenic properties and thus increases the body’s daily energy expenditure.

Valerian – otherwise known as Valeriana officinalis, a common plant in naturopathy. It promotes well-being, optimises mental health, helps calm down and reduces stressors. It may help fall asleep. It exerts also a relaxant effect and that is why it may reduce pain during menstruation.

Liquorice – the next ingredient in this product which comes from herbal medicine. It is suggested to have potential anti-cancer compounds. Because of that, it may be a preventive measure against cancer. Liquorice has also a soothing effect on the digestive system and helps maintain healthy mucous membranes of the stomach and duodenum. In addition, owing to detoxifying properties, this herb is believed to have a hepatoprotective action.

To sum up, Biotech B-Complex is an extremely advanced B-vitamin complex which enriches your diet with vitamins and minerals. It contains also many other ingredients with health benefits and that is why it provides excellent support for the body’s health and is an element of daily preventive healthcare.

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