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Beta-Alanine Beta-Alanine 300g
Biotech Usa
18.49 $

Beta-Alanine 300g

Servings: 300g
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Beta-Alanine 300g
Beta-Alanine 300g
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  • Maximum concentration of beta-alanine (2,000 mg per portion)
  • Increases carnosine levels in muscles
  • Delays tiredness during workout
  • Helps to increase duration and intensity of training
  • Improves exercise capacity
  • High efficacy and comfortable form of powder
  • Free of unnecessary additives and fillers

BioTech Beta Alanine is a dietary supplement containing top-quality beta-alanine in powder. The preparation helps to delay the occurrence of tiredness during workout, thanks to which it is beneficial for the efficacy of training by making it possible to increase its duration and intensity.

Beta-alanine, also known as 3-aminopropanoic acid, is an endogenous amino acid. Beta-alanine is one of the so-called β-amino acids, in which the amine group is bonded to the β carbon next to the carboxylic group. A natural source of beta-alanine is above all red and white meat.

Although beta-alanine is an amino acid, its main activity is not based directly on participating in protein synthesis. That is because the amino acid along with L-histidine forms a dipeptide called carnosine, and it is carnosine that is mainly the reason why beta-alanine supplementation is so beneficial. An increase in carnosine levels in the organism leads to numerous physiological “upgrades” in muscle cells, which makes it possible to intensify workout.

Beta-alanine as a carnosine precursor
Carnosine is one of the basic dipeptides and is found mainly in skeletal muscles, especially in type 2 muscle fibres (fast-twitch) and, to a lesser extent, in type 1 muscle fibres (slow-twitch), as well as in the central nervous system, mainly in glial cells and olfactory neurons (responsible for the sense of smell). Carnosine synthesis in muscles requires the presence of amino acids – alanine and histidine.

The content of carnosine in tissues depends greatly on the diet. Eating meals that are a source of the dipeptide and properly adjusted supplementation with high doses of carnosine help to increase its concentration in tissues. Insufficient carnosine levels in the organism are the most probable in people who follow a vegetarian diet and seniors (with age, the concentration of carnosine in the organism decreases).

Buffering activity of carnosine
As a result of physical effort of high intensity, there occurs increased production of lactic acid and the concentration of hydrogen ions increases, which leads to excessive acidification of the organism and can contribute to a decrease in exercise capacity and muscle strength.

Carnosine performs the function of a mobile pH buffer for tissues which, as a result of obtaining energy though glycolysis, are particularly susceptible for disorders in the acid-base balance (that is mainly skeletal muscles). Carnosine has the ability to reduce the level of hydrogen ions in muscle cells, thanks to which it helps to keep the balance between acids and bases, which translates into increased exercise capacity and longer and more efficient workout.

Efficient antioxidant barrier
As a substrate crucial for carnosine production, beta-alanine has a significant effect on the protection of the organism against free radicals. That is because carnosine exhibits extraordinary antioxidant properties. The dipeptide buffers reactive oxygen species in tissues without completely inhibiting their regulatory and signalling properties. As the highest concentration of carnosine is found in excitable tissues, it plays a very important role in preventing oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress also occurs during heavy physical effort and can have a negative effect on the performance and regeneration of muscle tissue. An increase in free radicals contributes to heavier fatigue of muscles and disorders in their homeostasis and has a negative effect on muscle contractility, so it is extremely important to take proper care of antioxidant protection.

To sum up, BioTeck Beta Alanine is a dietary supplement that efficiently increases the efficacy of the anaerobic energy system, reduces the time needed for regeneration between sessions, and makes it possible to intensify training even more. Supplementation with beta-alanine can help to increase carnosine levels in muscles up to 64%.

The preparation can be used by everyone, regardless of their preferred physical activity. The benefits of using the preparation will be visible both for endurance and for strength athletes.

Directions for use
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Container size: 300 gServing size: 2 gServings per container: 150
per portion (2 g)amount%RDA
Beta alanine2000mg*

Other ingrednients

Anti-caking agent(tricalcium phosphate).

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Alanine is an endogenous amino acid (i.e. having the ability to synthesize the human body other amino acids and pyruvate), building up protein. It has a key role in the transport of nitrogen between the muscles and the liver (i.e. Cahill cycle). It allows to transform glucose in non-sugar compounds. During prolonged exercise it enhances metabolism. It occurs in products of animal origin (meat, dairy, eggs) and vegetable origins (legumes, peas). It is used in the form of amino acid supplements in pre- and post-workout preparations. It complements the BCAA. Increased use of supplements with alanine is required in athletic training when high strength and endurance is required (e.g. weights lifting athletes marathon runners etc.).


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