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Green Black Walnut Wormwood Green Black Walnut Wormwood 60 ml
Now Foods
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Green Black Walnut Wormwood 60 ml

Servings: 60 ml
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  • A natural measure for fight against skin infections and psoriasis
  • Hepatoprotective properties
  • Supports digestive system functions
  • Removes pathogenic microorganisms and intestinal parasites
  • Strong antioxidant properties
  • Stimulates the immune system functions
  • Strengthens the bones

Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex is a precisely chosen formula consisting of natural plant extracts which shows positive influence on many systems, especially on the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Black walnut shell extract (Juglans nigra) comes from the tree from Juglandaceae family. It contains many substances showing positive influence on the functioning of various systems of the human body.

Support for the digestive system
The extract from the black walnut shell helps to fight digestive problems. The amounts of essential oils contained in it support intestinal motility, and the presence of tannins positively affects the pH level of intestinal contents, which supports the removal of parasites, fungi and yeasts showing negative influence on the proper functioning of the digestive system. Moreover, tannins support the liver in the fight against food toxins.

The extract used to be helpful in the treatment of shingles, its effects were promising as well as it relieved problems associated with stomach ulcers. Moreover, it blocks the formation of gallstones.

Support for thyroid gland functions
Iodine present in the extract is an element which is necessary for the maintenance of the proper thyroid gland functions. In food, it is present in very small quantities, so its additional supplementation is necessary for the proper functioning of this important gland.

Positive influence on cardiovascular and nervous systems
The Juglans nigra extract contains polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which have a beneficial influence on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels as well as support the body system in reducing inflammations and provide proper blood clotting. What is more, they show antiatherosclerotic properties and normalise the heart functions thanks to the improvement in blood lipid profile. This results from the positive influence on HDL cholesterol fraction and the regulation of the levels of LDL fraction and triglycerides.

These acids have also a positive impact on the functioning of the central nervous system, so that they support brain functions and improve memory. The presence of melatonin determines the proper sleep, and its strong antioxidant effects result in anticancer properties.

Extract fighting skin problems
Iodine is an active component which, together with other active substances, improves skin condition as well as shows antibacterial and antifungal properties which result from the presence of juglone and tannins. The first one shows a positive influence in case of fungal infections, such as dermatophytosis, while the second one has strong antifungal properties. Moreover, it reduces eczema, supports treatment of psoriasis, herpes and ulceration.

Wormwood extract (Artemisia absinthium) has been widely used in the Ayurvedic and herbal medicine. It contains many active substances which include sesquiterpenes, lactones, camphor-oil glycosides, tannins and quercetin.

Wormwood for eating disorders
Wormwood contains such bitter glycosides as absinthin and anabsinthin, which support digestion and stimulate appetite. Moreover, they support the functions of gallbladder and liver as well as they are effective in case of digestive ailments and heartburn. It can fight persistent vomiting and diarrhoea. It used to be applied as a traditional remedy for irritable bowel syndrome.

Support for fight against parasites
Artemisia absinthium extract supports the removal of intestinal parasites, such as roundworms and pinworms. Moreover, the studies have proven its antibacterial and antifungal properties which result from the presence of valuable essential oils.

Support for the fight against free radicals
Thymol and caracol contained in the extract show antioxidant properties which support the body system in the removal of free radicals. Free radicals are a dangerous factor which negatively affects each structure of the body system, contributes to cancers and causes many other diseases.

Syzygium aromaticum extract is commonly known as clove tree; it is a plant which comes from the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. It contains many active substances, which include essential oils, eugenol and β-caryophyllene. Moreover, it is rich in minerals, vitamins, tannins and mucins.

Reduction in inflammations
Prostaglandins are a natural group of tissue hormones, which can cause local inflammations. Eugenol contained in the extract inhibits the synthesis of these hormones, so that it blocks their destructive influence on the tissues and reduces pain.

For digestive problems
Syzygium aromaticum extract supports digestion thanks to the stimulation of digestive enzymes secretion, so that it prevents the accumulation of digestive tract contents. It is an important factor in the fight against digestive system ailments. Moreover, it supports the body system in fight against infections of digestive system and urinary tract. What is more, it blocks the synthesis of prostaglandins, so that it reduces unnecessary contractions within the digestive system and supports the optimal absorption of nutrients. Tannins present in it help to fight diarrhoea, which results from its astringent properties.

For healthy bones
Eugenol and its derivatives, together with flavones, isoflavones and flavonoids, help to provide minerals for bones, which are responsible for bone density and protect from osteoporosis.

Maintenance of the proper liver functions
Thanks to the presence of such substances as flavonoids, thymol or eugenol, the extract shows antioxidant properties, so that it protects the body system from the negative influence of reactive oxygen species. This has a beneficial influence on keeping the liver in the optimal condition. What is more, it shows anticancer properties resulting from its ability to inhibit the mutagenic influence of free radicals.

Immune system booster
The amounts of active substances contained in Syzygium aromaticum stimulate the functioning of the immune system, as they stimulate the production of leucocytes. Moreover, the essential oils show strong antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It has been also demonstrated that the extract has antihistamine effects.

The supplement Green Black Walnut Wormwood is designed mainly for people struggling with digestive problems, as it contains extract from three plants showing strong positive influence on the functioning of the digestive system. 

Directions for use
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Container size: 60 mlServing size: 2 Droppersful (1.6 mL)Servings per container: about 38
per portion (2 Droppersfull)amount%DV
A unique blend of:1.6 mL*
Fresh "Green" Black Walnut Hulls (Juglans nigra), Wormwood Herb (Artemisia absinthium) and Clove Buds (Syzygium aromaticum) Extracts

Other ingrednients

Grain Alcohol (approx. 52%) and Water.

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