10 nutrition principles that will change your life


These rules changed my life and I hope they will also change yours! 😀

  1. Eat 5-6 meals a day every 3 hours, do not snack between the meals!
  2. Throw away wheat from your diet! I would extend this point to eliminating gluten, but there are various theories. Even though I do not suffer from coeliac disease, I made an experiment and after a month and even after a week I felt much better. I also recommend doing such a test on yourself. If you do not feel the difference in your self-being, digestion, if your belly is not flatter, do not stop eating oatmeal for breakfast. Every organism is different.
  3. Eat fruits only in the morning, avoid them after midday, unless you want to eat them after strength training in order to replenish glycogen.
  4. Throw away white sugar and buy stevia instead (GI = 0!!!) or xylitol for baking. AVOID PORODUCTS WITH HIGH SUGAR CONTENT, read labels! Often in many inconspicuous products, there is more sugar than in Willy Wonka’s factory.
  5. Do not avoid fats, but reach for the healthy sources: linseed oil, ground linseed (best to grind it yourself, it will save more omega-3), fish (salmon), coconut oil, nuts, cashew or almond butter (certainly best version is homemade ;)). Take cod-liver oil in order to maintain proper amounts of Omega-3, but do not exceed your daily needs – 1g/day.
  6. Drink minimum 2-3 liters of water a day.
  7. Limit dairy products. Humans are the only mammals that drink milk from outside their own species J Avoid lactose. Most of the people have difficulties digesting it, especially women. Cow milk can be replaced with least-calorie almond milk or quinoa milk (without sugar). You may also eat Ghee butter (clarified butter) and curd cheese, which does not contain lactose or contain only its trace amounts. Both these products work well for our bacterial flora, BUT pay attention to the curd cheese you buy – chose only the one in eco-shops in papyrus by weight, which does not have a long best-before date. Unfortunately, the cheaper “curds” undergo special thermal processes, which prolong the expiry date, but dispose them of bacterial cultures.
  8. Eat carbohydrates, but only the healthy ones, not modified: millet groats, rice, beans, quinoa, amaranth. SWEATCORN OUT! Do not exaggerate with the number of meals with processed carbohydrates, which have a considerably higher glycemic index. Avoid ready-made muesli, fitness oats (they have nothing in common with fitness). Apart from this, grind oats to flour yourself and instead of instant products, chose the regular ones.
  9. Do not be afraid of salt, but choose a more healthy alternative, e.g. Himalayan salt. Certainly, we eat everything in moderation.
  10. During reducing diet you do not need to abandon sweets J It will be enough to replace certain ingredients in a recipe with their more healthy alternatives and follow the previous 9 points 😀 In a simple way, you may make a chocolate only from “legal” products J: coconut oil, cocoa, xylitol, nut butter and any additives according to your preferences such as goji berries, nuts. We melt oil with butter in a pan (2 spoons of oil and one teaspoon of butter), and mix with the rest of the ingredients (1 spoon of cocoa, 1 spoon of xylitol, but you may try your own recipes), we pour the mass into a mold and put into the fridge for an hour. There are hundreds of such recipes on the Internet. On this blog, I will share my favorite recipes with you, also of my own authorship, which I make available on my culinary blog and Instagram J Kisses :* <3

Karola Kocięda


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  1. Avatar

    This is a great piece, all about nutrition is super important, especially when you are trying to have a well-balanced diet.

    • David

      Human nutrients metabolism is such a complicated matter of things, that every piece of information is important, to understand it.

  2. Avatar

    To me, the most important thing you should learn about nutrition is how to read nutrition labels. If you don’t know what’s in the foods you’re buying how do you know what they do (or don’t) to your body?

    • David

      Definitely agreed!
      Nutrition labels can still be a problem in terms of clarity. So we should learn, how to properly read them.

  3. Avatar
    Carl Marl

    Gotta agree with reducing wheat… a couple of days of no wheat, I feel I have much better-balanced energy levels…

    • Avatar

      the problem is people these days do not move and working out 3-5 hours a week is nothing. also people pay too much attention to so called junk food, but a pizza with tomato sauce made with onions, garlic, red wine, rosemary, thyme, red pepper/chilli paste, topped with mushrooms, olives, red onions, jalapenos and buffalo mozzarella has tons of minerals, lots of calcium, protein and carbs, many micronutrients which are much more relevant. spices and herbs have more to contribute to a diet than a salad. as long as one does not eat harmful foods, which are basically deep fried in vegetable oil and meat (yes meat is horrible for health) and eats different foods according to the bodies needs instead of nutritional regimens (i do not need fish, rice and brokkoli after 2 hours of full body workouts, i need a ton of carbs, minerals, salt so a huge pizza like mentioned and a smoothie with acerola, goji, mango etc. is actually a great meal.
      when one trains full body every day then carbs become your friend and also lots of fast and simple carbs. i reached 5%bf or what competitors in top shape have on 5000 calories a day with 500g carbs, 6 feet, 190 lbs, 18 inch arms. barbell bench rows 415 pounds and db incline flyes with 120lbs. i was gaining strength and weight while dropping from fitness model to stage level and sometimes being recovered enough for 2 daily workouts. 200g carbs in a meal just get vaccumed up. the real issue is people not working out nearly enough or heavy enough and having systemic inflammation from eating meat and emotional stress.

  4. Avatar

    These are some vital principles one needs to follow in today’s world. Junk and fast foods are making health worse with lots of health issues. I think along with these following a proper and regular exercise would definitely change our life.

  5. Avatar
    Jakulin alisha

    I am to much benefited for your great nutrition tips . Actually this is a great nutrition guide line . Now I am physically total fit for following tips . We are requesting you give us more and more nutrition tips .I want to know how much I eat sweet able food in a day ? Thank you.

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