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"Our magnesium is the best," said every injured and exhausted athlete and senior in three commercials in a row on the television broadcast. Were any of them absolutely right? Not necessarily. Were any of them wrong? Probably not also. Because magnesium is not a secret ingredient, but a well-known mineral needed for the proper functioning of the body. Because of its popularity, we should choose magnesium supplements analogous to creatine supplements. Why? We will explain it today while presenting the research of our latest product!

Magnesium's miracle

Contrary to what the overwhelming advertisements are trying to present to us, stating that magnesium can help everyone in everything are obviously greatly exaggerated. However, the truth in marketing is that even ten per cent of the population have magnesium deficiencies. It is therefore worth supplementing magnesium if you feel the symptoms of its deficiency.

MZ Store Magnesium Citrate
MZ Store Magnesium Citrate

Which magnesium should you choose?

This question is equally popular as questions about the meaning of life (at least while listening to the radio or watching TV). Where does the truth lie?

We mentioned the analogy to creatine, not by accident. The popular opinion is the rule "the cheaper the monohydrate the better". And that's a bit right, because due to the huge popularity, the production costs of this substance are minimal, and any price above several dozen dollars per kilo is paying for a nice picture or brand. And with supplements containing magnesium, the situation is now very similar!

To choose good magnesium, pay attention to:

If we find a product that has magnesium in the form of citrate, glycinate or chelate, has a dose providing about 200 milligrams of magnesium per serving, contains vitamin B6 and does not cost more than several dozen dollars - we found our product! Don't be surprised if your product selection doesn't narrow down significantly using the above criteria. What to do next?

Research on Magnesium Citrate

It is, therefore, worth noting which product’s composition has been tested by an independent laboratory. This should limit the choice of the product quite strongly because hardly any company wants to increase the cost over the necessary minimum. And just one of the few products containing such research is Magnesium Citrate from MZ Store.

Examination of the reputable laboratory JS Hamilton Poland Sp. Z o.o. Confirms that not only the product contains the dose found by the manufacturer, but there is even more of magnesium! Confirmation is presented in the form of the following report.

MZ Store Magnesium Citrate review
MZ Store Magnesium Citrate review


Therefore, Magnesium Citrate from MZ Store is a product that meets all the criteria. Magnesium is found in an effective form of magnesium citrate, a relatively high dose, addition of vitamin B6 that increases the absorption of magnesium, and you can buy it at a low price. If you only need to supplement magnesium effectively and economically, you should think hard about choosing this product!

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