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Preparations with only single ingredient are becoming harder and harder to find on the dietary supplements market. Mainly because companies focus on consumer convenience. After all, why take one ingredient if you can two or three at once? Or instead of taking single minerals, use whole complex of them? And you can add vitamins to them. And antioxidants. And substances to support joints. We come to the situation that the larger the composition, the better, and consumers less and less focus on the quality and quantity of the substance. However, in order to meet the expectations of consumers, MZ Store decided to overcome this trend and issue one-component preparations - including Zinc Lactate described today, which we decided to send to be checked by a professional, independent laboratory to confirm the quality of this product.

Why supplement zinc?

Zinc is known primarily for its properties to support the immune system. Its deficiencies are a common cause of the body's weakened immune response. However, this is only the most common health benefit of this mineral!

MZ Store Zinc Lactate
MZ Store Zinc Lactate

Zinc supplementation should be of particular interest to men. Its optimal level to some extent determines the optimal level of testosterone in the body, which practically every man depends on!

Preliminary studies also indicate the ability of zinc to regulate sugar levels and reduce the degree of insulin resistance. Zinc also supports acne treatment, especially when taken topically.

The problem of mineral absorption

Of course, among the one-component preparations you need to pay more attention to the form in which we take a given mineral.

For zinc, the most commonly used forms are:

Research indicates that it is the latter - zinc lactate - that is one of the most effective forms when it comes to the degree of absorption of zinc. That is why the MZ Store decided to use it to ensure the possibility of its optimal supplementation.

MZ Store Zinc Lactate Research

To ensure the consumers about the quality of the product, we decided to send the product for testing in a specialized, independent laboratory. The results of this study are presented below.

MZ Store Zinc Lactate review
MZ Store Zinc Lactate review

As we can see, the product not only contains the assumed amount of zinc, but even contains a some percent more! This positively indicates the quality of the product and indicates that the company does not cut the corners on the production to the last milligram of active substance.


So if you notice a decrease in immunity, acne, problems with maintaining proper sugar levels, or as a man you want to take care of optimal testosterone levels, we suggest you consider additional zinc supplementation! And Zinc Lactate from MZ Store will allow for effective and economic supplementation of this mineral at the same time!

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