3 mental problems during weight loss

Researchers confirm a large difference between people who are regularly on a diet and people who eat normally. Restricting food, controlling meals and keeping constant discipline do have a big impact on our psyche.

Struggle with hunger

Being on a diet disturbs the way our body regulates consumed food. Improper diet, small amount of calories provided and ill-fitting meals can make people struggle with their appetite and the hunger signals that the body constantly sends. This can lead to alternating periods of starvation and overeating. During psychological observations researchers found that people, who are very often on a diet or compulsively watching their weight, are much more emotional than people who do not attach much importance to their figure. Being on a restrictive diet may also lead to other types of mental disorders, such as obsessions or difficulties focusing and concentrating.

The problem with a feeling sated

A big problem for such people is oscillating between two extremes: allowed food and forbidden food. Treating diet as strict requirements and constant control, instead of a lifestyle change, is the biggest problem here. Everyday struggle with what I should eat and what I would like to eat causes great mental discomfort. University of Toronto conducted studies that show how individuals lose their natural dietary regulations when on a diet. Participants of the study received a highly caloric milk shake and then could eat any amount of ice cream. People on a diet ate much more ice cream than the other group of study participants. They could not identify the feeling of fullness and ate without inhibitions.

Ways to healthy eating

People who use different diets have a problem with controlling their appetite and forget about the meal they ate faster. Which is why it is very important to introduce healthy and rational nutrition into your life and reject diets that are not conducive to building good habits. Do not miss meals nor fast all day. Eat regularly and sate your appetite, so you can easily restore glycogen stores and improve energy levels. Do not cheat on the weekends. Minor deviations from the meal plan are not a bad thing, but regular big deviations are a big no-no. Remember that there are no prohibited products, everything is permitted, but you need to consume the correct amounts.

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