5 supplements to help you burn fat

In the fight against unnecessary fatty tissue, proper diet and physical activity are essential. However, the opponent does not play purely, so it’s good that you also have an ace in your sleeve. Chemical support can tilt the victory scales to your page.

  1. Beta-alanine

Delayed fatigue and improve performance during training - after 4 weeks of supplementation on average 14% and after 10 weeks by 16%. This makes it easier for you to build muscle mass that will raise your resting metabolism and increase your calorie burning.

  1. L-glutamine

It will help to stabilize blood sugar levels, thereby reducing appetite for sweets. It also improves intestinal function, thus digestion, and indirectly enhances immunity of the body. You will find it useful because intensive training reduces it significantly.

  1. Colostrum

Resistance is important enough to reinforce it with another means. Colostrum, also called colostrum, is a lyophilized secretion of mammary glands (supplements are made from cow's milk). Contains antibodies and several hundred other ingredients that strengthen a new-borns and thanks to supplements also you.

  1. BCAA

Branched Amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) will provide indirect weight loss support because they reduce muscle catabolism, increase protein synthesis, accelerate regeneration, and reduce fatigue. Thanks to them you will build faster muscles that are the key to effective ballast combat.

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  1. Probiotics

In the human body there are up to 2 kg of bacteria (live bacteria cultures). They regulate digestion, stimulate immunity, and affect the production of vitamins and hormones. Studies show that they also support slimming. Since they do so much for you, help them by taking probiotics.

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