7 properties of Saw Palmetto

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Saw Palmetto has found its application in supplementation due to a range of interesting properties this plant represents. However, before we enumerate all pro-health features, it is worth mentioning about the origin and utilization of the plant.

What Saw Palmetto is actually?

Saw Palmetto comes from North America. Its main parts, which are used for pro-health properties are fruits of brown or black color, which may be eaten directly after picking, without prior processing. Its utilization in sports supplementation is mainly based on the activity of phytosterols, such as beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, lupenon and  24-methylenecycloartanol. Its effect is based on supporting urinary tract and reproductive system. In which areas does sabal minor show its effect? What can we achieve using the preparations based on the extracts from this plant?

Saw Palmetto as pupport in the fight with impotence

Saw Palmetto exhibits the effect which aims at improving erection strength as well as its duration. Applying the preparation by people suffering from impotence allowed to increase the quality of sex life. Admittedly, the mechanism of operation is not entirely known, but it is suspected that it is related to the vasodilatory effect.

Saw Palmetto in its natural form!
Saw Palmetto in its natural form!

Saw Palmetto as Aphrodisiac

What is more, apart from the effect supporting sole erection, the willingness to have sex is also higher. This effect influences both women and men and may be successfully used in daily supplementation. As research shows, it may be related to the stimulation of testosterone production, which directly contributes to improving libido.

Saw Palmetto for prostate cancer

Men at the age of 50+ use supplements with saw palmetto  in order to protect themselves from prostate cancer. Preventive effect is related to lowering the level of dihydrotestosterone, which stimulates cells of prostate to grow. Saw Palmetto is also used in the periods of convalescence after surgeries of prostate removal. It contributes to faster recovery.

Saw Palmetto for urinary system

Phytosterols, which saw palmetto contains, perfectly contribute to the preventive effect for kidneys. They protect them from the creation of stones and support removal of those which are already there with urine.

Saw Palmetto as support for building muscle mass

This effect, in turn, is related to testosterone stimulation. The aim of sabal minor supplementation is to increase the level of this hormone, contributing to stimulating the development of muscles. However, for now there is no solid evidence that would scientifically confirm this kind of thesis.

Influence on hair

The influence on the level of hormones in men makes the supplement on the basis of saw palmetto support the growth of new hair and contribute to the improvement of the quality of existing hair. The supplementation makes hair stronger, more resistant and tough.

Saw Palmetto and inflammations

The last interesting piece of information, which is less-known is anti-inflammatory effect. As it turns out, during colds, inflammations of joints and all kind of pain, supplements with saw palmetto perfectly contribute to the support in the fight with this kind of ailments. Use it during a cold, and you will recover faster.


Supplements based on saw palmetto are usually used by people who use drugs from SAA group in order to protect prostate, its hypertrophy and related ailments. Information which may be found in scientific publications suggests that it is a good solution if we take care about prostate’s health and the function of the urinary system. What is more, saw palmetto supplements effectively help to fight with impotence and add desire for sex.


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