Agmatine compedium – benefits, dosages and side-effects

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Agmatine belongs to a group of supplements used to improve results in strength sports. Its effect on the strength potential causes it to be used more often by athletes and people practicing recreationally. There are many opinions about the effectiveness of this product. What exactly is agmatine and how does it affect the human body?

What is agmatine?

Agmatine is a metabolite released in the beginning of the neuronal process. This agent is in the form of agmatine sulphate, which is involved in the processing of arginine. It is a biogenic amine (organic ammonia derivatives), which arises from the decarboxylation of amino acids. Agmatine is found mainly in cells of the nervous system, where it is responsible for neuromodularity and muscular conduction. Due to its participation in the processes, arginine can also be found in the brain, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands and small intestine. Another important property of agmatine is its effect on the activation of ornithine decarboxylase, which has a positive effect on the protein synthesis process. People who participate in endurance sports at different skill levels use Agmatine. This compound is very often used in pre-workout supplements due to its stimulating effect and it causing a greater inflow of blood to the muscles. Due to an insufficient number of tests, the exact dose of this supplement is not yet precisely specified. Using agmatine in a safe dose, i.e. 1 mg per day, is recommended.

Agmatine - chemical formula
Agmatine - chemical formula

Properties of agmatine

Due to its complexity, agmatine has a wide spectrum of activity. Its main functions include:

  1. regulation of nitric oxide synthesis - its effect on the level of its concentration in blood,
  2. reduction of vascular resistance and reduction of blood pressure,
  3. improving the blood circulation of the muscular system,
  4. supporting cognitive processes,
  5. prevention of strokes,

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  6. reduction of neuropathic pain,
  7. anxiolytic, anticonvulsive and antidepressant action,
  8. increasing immunity to addictive action of drugs,
  9. protection against the negative effects of neurotoxic compounds,
  10. can affect the quality of learning and memorisation by affecting the amino acid N-methyl-D-aspartate,
  11. may have an effect on the enhancement of the lipolysis process by affecting the adrenergic receptors

Agmatine - side effects

To date, no adverse effects have been reported as a result of taking agmatine at the recommended doses. Considering that agmatine lowers blood pressure, it is not recommended for people with hypotension.

Agmatine - reviews

There are many opinions on the effectiveness of agmatine. Most of them confirm its beneficial effect on the increase of strength or improvement of efficiency. However, with regard to its effects on body mass and composition, these opinions are not entirely compatible and confirmed. Despite practical support, it is presumed that agmatine may accelerate the synthesis of muscle proteins and intensify the lipolysis process. However, we still have to wait for results that are more accurate.

Why has agmatine been withdrawn?

Agmatine was withdrawn from sale despite the negative impact on the body. The reason for this decision is the problem of attributing it to a specific food category. Agmatine sulphate is not yet in any category because it is not considered a food product.

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