AMP CITRATE as an alternative to DMAA. What is AMP Citrate?


Over the past few years, AMP Citrate has become a popular ingredient in pre-workout supplements and slimming preparations. From a scientific point of view, it is known as methylpentanamine, 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate or 1,3-dimethylbutylamine (DMBA), but it is also often called a "new" DMAA. This is apparent from the substantial similarities – banned and stimulant, both in terms of chemical structure and effect.

What is AMP Citrate?

AMP Citrate is a powerful stimulant for nervous system. Does not occur naturally in large doses, but can be found in small amounts in Pouchong Tea, but it is believed that most of the AMP Citrate used in supplements is artificially synthesized.

As mentioned above, AMP Citrate is a very closely related to DMAA or 1,3-Dimethylamylamine. The close connection between these two compounds is best evidenced by the fact that AMP Citrate (methylpetanamine) and DMAA (Methylhexanamine) share the same basic structure, but the DMAA has extra carbon in the skeleton. Because of these similarities, effects of AMP Citrate are very similar to DMAA. Consumed in small doses, is a powerful stimulant for central nervous system.

Pouchong tea - original natural source of AMP Citrate
Pouchong tea - original natural source of AMP Citrate

Benefits of AMP Citrate. Side effects of AMP Citrate

The most important action of AMP is the fact that it increase energy, so it enables you to work longer and harder. Another noteworthy feature is the increase in strength, both aerobic and anaerobic. AMP also leads to a higher concentration, mental clarity and acceleration of metabolism. This last feature allows fat burner based on this compound to obtain much better results. In other words, if you are looking for an alternative DMAA, you're closer than ever.

DMAA is structurally related to amphetamine, which can potentially lead to falsify drug tests. But however, due to the construction of AMP Citrate, can be distinguished from amphetamine. But at the moment, it is all a speculation and has not been scientifically confirmed.

Due to the similarity with DMAA, side effects of AMP are quite similar. High doses can cause shaking hands, rapid heartbeat and other related symptoms.

How to use AMP Citrate?

Because of the lack of clinical trials on AMP, it is difficult to determine the recommended dose. However, it is expected that a dose would be higher than DMAA specifying it by about 100 to 350 mg. The time of effective action is about 4-6 hours.

It is most effective in order to increase energy during a workout. It is best to take a portion about 30 minutes before training. In order to increase your metabolism and fat loss, you should take it in the morning or just before a meal.

AMP works synergistically with caffeine, and because of that you can find often both substances in the pre-workout supplements.  In the case of using it "solo" there should be added 200-300 mg of caffeine in order to maximize benefits.

AMP Citrate vs DMAA

AMP Citrate could be called a younger brother of DMAA - it's sligtly less stimulative, and its effects wear off faster. Nontheless, if you think that you are not ready for DMAA, you should try AMP Citrate to check your tolerance for strong stimulants, and then go to regular supplementation of DMAA eventually.

AMP Citrate vs DMHA

We can copy-paste our opinion from AMP Citrate vs DMAA section. In terms of power, we could rank AMP Citrate at third place, after DMAA and DMHA. And one more time - if you want to start with hard stimulants, we suggest trying AMP Citrate at first, rather than DMAA or DMHA.

AMP Citrate vs ephedrine

Here, we have two substances oftenly used together, but with different profile of actions. Ephedrine is rather used to improve endurance (through intensifying actions of respiratory system), where AMP Citrate is typical stimulant. So, here we can make only one conclusion - why not both?

AMP Citrate for sale. Where to buy AMP Citrate?

Problems is, that producers recently have moved to use DMHA instead of AMP Citrate and DMAA. Nontheless, you can find some products containing AMP Citrate at MZ Store.

Is AMP Citrate banned? Why is AMP Citrate illegal?

AMP Citrate is banned in many countries. That's because its relations with DMAA (which is on a scope of nearly every FDA-equivalent all over the world), and hard drugs like amphetamine and methamphetamine.  Someone just has been looking at chemical formulas of AMP Citrate, DMAA and amphetamine and noticed too many similarities. The conclusion was that AMP Citrate can also work as hard drug... Well, law organs are always oversensitive aren't they?

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