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Have you been under stressed and your weight went up? Do not worry!

Ashwagandha in clinical studies

The results of clinical trials recently published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine have shown that daily dietary supplementation with KSM-66, an ashwagandha root extract, has reduced both psychological and physiological stress indicators in chronically stressed adults. Additionally, appetite and weight have been significantly reduced during ashwagandha supplementation. The conclusion of these studies is that supplementation with ashwagandha root extract helps people suffering from chronic stress control their weight. This study further supports the clinical efficacy of KSM-66 supplementation, ashwagandha root extract to promote a healthy response to stress and anxiety reduction.

Stress: The biggest enemy of weight

Chronic psychological stress is a major health problem that can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, cognitive disorders, sleep problems, gastrointestinal discomfort, muscle tension and is associated with many chronic diseases. Stress is also linked to weight gain and obesity. According to the American Institute of Stress, ( 77% of Americans regularly experience negative physical symptoms, and 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress. In principle, most of us are stressed out! The main causes of stress in the United States are pressure at work, money, health, relationships, improper nutrition, media overload and lack of sleep. Sounds familiar? It is estimated that stress causes 225 million lost workdays among Americans, which is about $ 80 billion lost due to reduced productivity!

Cortisol, a "stress hormone", is secreted by the adrenal glands as a response to perceived perils, often referred to as "fight or escape" or a reaction to acute stress. When this biological response is chronically activated as a result of chronic stress, sustained cortisol levels may contribute to adverse health effects such as impaired immune function, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, excessive fat accumulation (intra-abdominal), reduced muscle mass and bone density And elevated blood sugar and lipids (ie insulin resistance). Additionally, elevated cortisol levels also stimulate hunger, and chronic stress is associated with increased intake of calories, especially appetite for sweets, fried foods, sodas and alcohol. It is not necessary to say that elevated cortisol levels caused by stress are NOT good for our body.

Ashwagandha in form of powder, infusion and dry root
Ashwagandha in form of powder, infusion and dry root

Summary of the study

Chronically stressed Indian adults (18 - 60 years old), overweight or suffering from obesity were randomly assigned to receive 300 mg KSM ashwagandha root extract or placebo twice daily for 8 weeks (n = 25 / group). The study was double blind to ensure that both the participants and the investigators were unaware of who received the aswagandha and who received the placebo. Stress, food urge, mood and nutritional status were assessed using a validated questionnaire before 4 and 8 weeks after supplementation. Furthermore, body weight / body mass index (BMI) and blood cortisol levels were also measured at the same stages.

The results showed that the stress level was significantly reduced by both 4 (~ 22%) and 8 (~ 33%) weeks of supplementation with ashwagandha root extract compared to placebo. Mood increased significantly at both time points among the subjects receiving ashwagandha, which was significantly better than placebo after 8 weeks. The appetite was significantly reduced with ashwagandha supplementation compared to placebo. "Uncontrolled eating" and "emotional eating" have also been significantly reduced both at 4 and 8 weeks in the ashwagandha group compared to the placebo group.

Weight reduction and body mass index (BMI) reduction were significantly higher both in the fourth and the eighth week of supplementation. Placebo, which reflected a decrease in blood levels of cortisol. Blood levels of cortisol were significantly lower in the eighth week of the ashwagandha group than in the placebo group, and cortisol levels were much higher in both 4 and 8 weeks of ashwagandha supplementation compared to placebo. These results suggest that dietary supplementation with ashwagandha root extract for 8 weeks reduces psychological and physiological stressors, moods and reduces food fats and blood levels of cortisol to help control weight loss during chronic stress in obese or overweight individuals.

Get to the bottom of the problem

It is said that ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is the flagship of the Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old traditional Indian medicine system. This herb began to become popular in the US market and globally in part due to increased research confirming its biological effectiveness.

KSM-66 is considered as the ashwagandha extract containing the highest concentration and full cross-section of the elements (preserving the natural ingredients of the herb, however, in its original equilibrium), obtained exclusively from the roots (and not the leaves). KSM-66 production is vertically integrated and manufactured without the use of alcohol or synthetic solvents, using GMP-certified, state of the art equipment. It is also believed that KSM-66 is the only significant ashwagandha extract in the world that is 100% organic and certified.

Of course, the most important element is its clinical effectiveness. KSM-66 has been thoroughly researched and supported by many random, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials and has been shown to effectively reduce anxiety and stress, improve memory and cognitive function, enhance energy, improve endurance and strength, and promote sexual health. These studies have shown the clinical effectiveness of KSM-66, an extract of ashwagandha root at a daily dose of 300 mg twice daily for 8 weeks. Jarrow Formulas' Ashwagandha Extract contains KSM-66, and each bottle contains 8 week’s worth of doses at 300mg twice a day to reflect the effective dose backed up by the clinical trial.

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