Back pain? Check how can you deal with it!


Back pain sometimes attacks suddenly and it is not quite clear what is causing it, and there can be plenty of causes, unfortunately. Carrying heavy things, the poor technique of exercises, congenital defects - all this can be a reason for terrible back pain, which does not allow us to function normally. How to deal with it? What to do? Here are the best ways to overcome unbearable back pain.

Back pain - causes

Back pain is so difficult to diagnose that there can be many reasons for it. Starting from back overload, poor sitting position, office work and physical inactivity, through degeneration of the spine and ending with poor exercise or too many abdominal workouts.

One of the most popular back pain causes is the one associated with an unhealthy, sedentary way of life. It consists not only of excess weight, but also office work, inappropriate chair at the desk and lack of movement. All these causes that we overload our spine, causing not only pain but also serious injuries, which may end up even in a necessary hospital visit.

Another popular back pain is that caused by... doing abnormal exercises!. During popular exercises like lifting the legs up or scissors, the lumbar section, i.e. the lower section of the spine, should be completely lying on the mat. Unfortunately, in most cases, we practice on our own and do not see this error, straining the lumbar region and causing injury at our own will.

Another cause of back pain is simply overload caused not only by hard training, but e.g. carrying and lifting heavy objects in the wrong way (we should lift heavy objects by squatting and taking them in our hands, and in no case, we should not lift things through the slope forward position).

Lower back pain, i.e. the lumbar region

Lumbar pain is also commonly called lower back pain. Most often it is caused by poor exercise performance, muscle overload, congenital spinal defects, or discopathy (intervertebral disc damage).

How to deal with it? Let’s start by diagnosing the cause.

If we haven’t exercised, we care about our posture, we are physically active and we didn’t overload the muscles - let’s go to the doctor because it is possible that we have a discopathy. However, if the lumbar pain is caused by overload, exercises that stretch the spine will help, and preventively - exercises for the back muscles to help strengthen the spine.

It is important to always do back exercises after abdominal training - thanks to which our muscles will be equally strengthened and there will be no hypertrophy of one part over the other, which may cause postural defects.

If it is an overload pain, after stretching let’s rest and no longer carry any heavy things for some time. We should also give up strength training to not overdo ourselves.

Back pain - what to do?

Aching and strained muscles are a real bane. However, there are ways that will help you to relieve pain. If our back muscles hurt, let’s go to yoga, pilates or fitness classes based on the spine related exercises. During this type of exercise, a fitness instructor will help us adjust the movements to counteract our pain, and gentle yoga or pilates exercises will alleviate the discomfort and help prevent further attacks of pain, strengthening the deep muscles.

Another great idea for back pain is swimming, which not only strengthens our muscles but also relaxes and soothes the pain. However, it is worth preventing the pain - so we should train our back muscles regularly, and they will give us back the correct posture and the lack of unbearable pain.

Some ideas to deal with your back pain!
Some ideas to deal with your back pain!

Massage for back pain

One of the best ways to get back pain is massage. If we do not know anyone who could massage us, let’s go to a specialist - he will take care of our back in the right way and will not hurt us. A good massage done by an expert will relax your muscles, deprive us of pain and de-stress our whole body. We do not recommend doing massages on our own if we have back pain - inexperienced movement and improper strength of touch can cause more harm than good, guaranteeing us another serious injury!

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