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BCAA reduces fatigue during training

The use of BCAA supplementation by athletes is mainly based on the fact that it provides a quickly absorbable form of energy, which thanks to the carbon chains in its structure is the fuel for working muscles. This type of action has an anti-catabolic effect. However, branched chain amino acids also have other interesting properties such as overcoming the feeling of fatigue.


Researchers used rats whose feed was enriched with branched chain amino acids. The control group additionally received glutamine. The rats trained on the treadmill they had placed in the cage, and the Japanese scientists measured the number of meters the rats had run.

The rats that had the BCAA supplement in the feed had run more meters than the control group rats eating feed enriched with glutamine.


The researchers placed two bottles of water in the rat cage, one of the bottles contained drinking water and the other water containing BCAA glutamine and arginine. This practice was combined with the first study described above.
As the experiment progressed, the rats were more likely to use water with the BCAA supplement and, at the same time, they had run longer distances.

The use of BCAA supplementation supports physical effort. The addition of amino acids in the form of supplementation and increased concentration in the diet allowed the rats to run a greater distance and helped the endurance function of muscle tissue. Researchers suggest that BCAA decreases the time of the onset of serotonin in the brain, which causes the sensation of fatigue. Thanks to this the body is able to do the exercise much longer.

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