Benefits from Full Body Workout (FBW) training


Most of people started with Full Body Workout type of training. With strength and experience gained, they started to changing it to split-type training, because they considered it as more advanced. And here, we’ve got question, is that correct statement, that full body workout is good for beginners, when split training is more proper for experienced ones?

What is Full Body Workout?

Well, at least this statement should be taken for discussion. It highly depends on used exercises in terms of concrete training. If you remember to contain multi-joint exercises, with proper weight progression and training volume, every training can be considered as “correct” (of course it’s very short way of talking about whole, very complex topic about creating proper training plan, but those are basics principles of good training)

What are benefits of FBW?

Evenly muscle load

Have you ever seen an situation at gym, where person, which was training shoulders, lifted more there than in squats? Very often, people at gym are focusing at their favourite body part, skipping rest completely. This can easily lead to disproportion and progress limitations! While we train whole body, we develop, and strengthen it evenly and thanks to this, parts on which we are setting priority will do better progress (of course, if we use proper diet alongside training)

Lower volume

With one exercise-one body part principle, we’ve got less risk of overtraining. Of course it’s still possible, but the risk is significantly less. In split training, focused on specific body part at one day, we are acting on muscle with many “tools” (exercises), to make it work harder and rise afterwards. We can use supersets, dropsets, additional dynamic exercises, shorter breaks between sets etc. And despite that in FBW we train specific body parts two-three times a week, the volume of training will still be lower, and muscles will have more possibility of regeneration.

Multi-joint exercises

One of the biggest differences between FBW and split training is selection of exercises. In first one, we usually use multi-joint exercises, which involves work of many muscles parts at once. In split we can use them too, but more often we are using exercises, which isolate work of specific muscle part. Advantage of FBW here is that, due to using multi-joint exercises, we need to do only few exercises, and we will be sure, that we don’t miss training any important muscle parts.

Deadlift is oftenly considered as the best multi-joint exercise. Have you tried it already?
Deadlift is oftenly considered as the best multi-joint exercise. Have you tried it already?

Faster fat loss

That’s very simple. Considering information above – FBW involves more muscle parts in one training, so body needs more energy to maintain proper work of them. We can definitely say, that such a training is more intensive. Also post-workout time is special here, because we are using more energy due to more complex needs of regeneration.

Faster body development

It’s very important, especially for beginners. When we perform FBW, we train whole body with every of those trainings (so, usually 2-3 times a week). Thanks to this, we are giving more stimuli to muscles. In results, we can get faster progress, and develop our training further.

We are showing some ideas for Full Body Workout routine
We are showing some ideas for Full Body Workout routine


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