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Disturbances in the acid-base balance and the self-acidification of the body is a downplayed topic by the practitioners. Power trainers are in an increased risk group - often they do not realize that an increased supply of proteins and carbohydrates can lead to widespread health problems. It also translates into results and training effects. How exactly does the body's acidification for gym training work?

What is acidification of the body?  

A popular term for acidification of the organism is  "shift the acid-base balance towards the acid reaction".  The body fluids present in the body should maintain a pH close to neutral, i.e. equal to 7. The range in which the body functions properly and most effectively is defined as a narrow range from 7.35 to 7.45 pH. Acidosis (acidosis) occurs when the pH of the extracellular fluid is lower than 7.35.  The more the value deviates from the norm, the more serious the problem is.

Is this really such an important topic? It turns out that yes.

What causes acidification of the organism?  

The causes of acidification of the body are diverse. Bringing to a pathological, serious condition requires the overlapping of several factors favoring disturbances of the acid-base balance.

What causes acidification of the body? For sure:

  • a diet rich in products acidifying the body environment
  • intense physical effort
  • chronic stress and fatigue
  • frequent introduction of intense hunger, in which case the burning of compounds present in the body's tissues (catabolism) occurs

Excessive acidification of the body occurs when the metabolism of compounds supplied to the body is the reason for the deposition of excessive amounts of H + ions, which the body ceases to cope with.

Body acidification - basic information infographic
Body acidification - basic information infographic

The effects of acidification of the body

Symptoms of acidification of the body can be observed even with small deviations from the norm. Due to the fact that it is a state covering the whole of the human body, the effects of acidification of the body will have a wide spectrum of activity. What are the most popular effects of acidification in the body? This includes

  • chronic fatigue independent of attempts to regenerate the body
  • headaches
  • earthy bags under the eyes, swelling
  • lack of energy and fast fatigue
  • sleep disorders
  • pain in the joints and bones
  • lowered immunity
  • hypertension and overweight

Observing one of the above-mentioned symptoms should involve going to the doctor. How to check the acidification of the body? It's best to test blood, specifically blood gas composition. Approximate results can be obtained by performing a daily pH test in the comfort of your home.

It is indispensable to make it strips for determining the pH, as well as a graph available on the pharmacies, on which we will carry the results. Urine is tested just after waking up, before and after meals. The result, which indicates good body condition, is the appearance of a broken line after applying the results to the graph.

How to deal with acidification of the body?  

Acidification is a systemic problem, so the fight with it should include not only immediate actions, but above all a complete change in approach to the lifestyle. How to deal with acidification of the body?

  • Introducing alkalizing products into the diet, such as legumes, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, bananas, pears, apples, coconut, lemon, peanuts, cranberries.
  • Supplementing the diet with minerals increasing the alkalinity of the environment: magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium.
  • By reducing the supply of dairy products, cereal products and meat.
  • Resting and caring for good hydration of the body.

Acidification and diet 

Acidification of the body and diet go hand in hand. This applies in particular to athletes exercising at the gym, who focus on a positive caloric balance and a diet focused on the development of muscle mass. Acidification will progress with ingestion of

To balance the high supply of proteins and carbohydrates acidifying the body, include the previously mentioned minerals in the diet and ensure high consumption of vegetables and fruits, which can not be missing in the menu.

Acidification and training

Acidification of the body after training, which was intense, is an unavoidable and natural phenomenon. Why? Because it results from anaerobic metabolism in the muscles. The accumulation of lactic acid reduces the pH of cellular fluids and causes them

  • inhibition of ATP production,
  • weakening of muscle contraction,
  • reduction of muscle tone and strength,
  • inability to reduce body fat and its increase in proportion to the increase in acidification.

It is said that it is possible to slightly increase the tolerance of the body to the presence of lactic acid, and, consequently, to delay the appearance of symptoms in the person training. The solution would be interval training, in which the intensive phase lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

To restore the balance after the training, minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium) should be replenished, vegetables and fruit should be included in meals and well sleep. Overtraining and continuing training at any price is inadvisable - these will be simply ineffective and ineffective.

How can be included in a alkaline diet? A little inspiration!
How can be included in a alkaline diet? A little inspiration!

Acidification of the body and training in the gym

Acidification of the organism is not a myth that we can downplay. Some organisms cope better with the neutralization of excess H + ions, however, each of the people who train intensively, should pay special attention to their own state of health. The high supply of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as frequent skipping the role of vegetables in the diet, characteristic for people training for strength is one of the largest risk factors for acid-base disorders. The prolonged problems with restoring balance will result not only in inhibition of the strength progression, but also in the occurrence of obesity and damage to internal organs.

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