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Bombshell, the recipe for a great workout!

The choice of pre-workout products is huge. There are a lot of companies on the market using strong stimulants in their "toys." One of the most valued pre-workout products on the market is BOMBSHELL!


A company called URX has added a number of powerful substances in its supplement to enhance training capabilities. DMAA, Caffeine, Alpha-Yohimbine, Methyl-Synephrine or Agmatine sulfate are the most active substances on the market. Thanks to them Bombshell is one of the best products!

The whole composition looks quite impressive…


We decided to briefly describe our Bombshell experience. We tested the taste of Watermelon Burst.


Generally for us, this is irrelevant, but many of our customers often ask about taste (it has to work and not taste great). So we will describe them specifically for them.

Despite the intense watermelon taste, the overall feeling is not the best. The effect of this is the taste of the substances themselves, thanks to which the bouquet of flavors is huge, from sour, through sweet to bitter.

We drank worse tasting products. 7/10

Muscle Pump

For many people this is one of the key factors determining the suitability of a pre-workout supplement. Pump Matrix Blend consisting of agmatine and l-arginine in total of 3000mg looks good. In fact, it is very good, it’s not a sensational pump as in the case of Hemavol, but it’s much better than it was in the, worshipped by many, Napalm. The vascularisation after taking this supplements is very good.

The effect is very well felt, it increases the workout comfort. 9/10


DMAA (1,3-dimethylamine), Alpha Yohimbine, Methyl Synephrine and caffeine.

Such a mixture can only herald one ... a total demolition! In this aspect, Bombshell has no match.

40 minutes after taking it, the product begins to work, quite violently. You are simultaneously distracted, agitated and have a noticeable tremendously increased endurance. Heat strikes, dry mouth are features that accompany strong stimulation.

Breaks between series could not exist. The stimulation is identical to Mesomorph's.

Stimulation is Bombshell's greatest asset. 10/10

It’s so strong that we recommend starting with half of a portion.

Muscles with a much higher intensity of exercise experience a great stimulus to growth.

It is worth noting the Bombshell’s hypersensitivity, which, even two packets of moisture absorbers may does not cope with.


Taking Bombshell too late can cause problems falling asleep. This is due to the relatively long DMAA activity time. For people who cannot workout before 6-8 hours before bedtime we can recommend Cannibal Riot.

Bombshell is a great solution for people who enjoy strong stimulation and good muscle pump. It has strong stimulants so it is not recommended for people under the age of 18 and for people with cardiac problems.

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