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Brain gymnastics – smarter in the spring!

Do you have problems concentrating? Do you want to say something, but you do not have enough words? It's a sign that your brain needs a decent dinner and ... gymnastics! The brain is only 2 percent. weight, but consumes as much as 20 percent. the energy that our body needs to function. Every fifth spoon of food goes to the brain, which is why it is so important what is on this spoon, and even under what conditions it is eaten.  


Acquiring knowledge is possible thanks to connections between brain cells. In order for the information to be sent, an electric current is needed. The brain produces 25W of electricity and this is enough to light up the light bulb.

In addition to food components, oxygen is very important to the brain. The energy produced by the brain comes from the combustion of glucose, and this happens only with the participation of oxygen. Therefore, regular airing of the apartment and doing sports is very important.

During physical exertion, the body takes up more oxygen and can burn more glucose. This is why we often feel the flow of energy after training. If you work at a desk, it's worth getting up every half hour for a few minutes and walk around the room, it can increase your brain's performance by as much as 10%!


The brain in 80 percent consists of water, and the remaining 20% ​​are fats and proteins. Fats are essential in the formation of these synapses, which are involved in the creation and storage of memories. The body is unable to produce such fatty acids, which is why it is very important to provide them in food.

The omega-3 saturated fatty acids are essential for the proper functioning of the brain. They are found, inter alia, in marine fish and eggs.

In practice, we should eat a meal containing sea fish meat at least twice a week. The weekly dose of fish should be about 300 grams.


Memory and the ability to concentrate can also be supported with herbal ingredients that improve the efficiency of neural connections in the brain.

-The oldest known herb is a Japanese ginkgo biloba, which stimulates blood flow to the brain, thanks to which it improves memory and concentration, as well as protects against Alzheimer's disease - says our expert.

Preparations from ginkgo are produced in the form of extracts, tinctures and dragees. According to Chinese tradition, the juice contained in the leaves of ginkgo has the power that gives immortality. That is why the Taoist monks called the ginkgo tree the divine tree of life.

Ginkgo also has a positive effect on thought processes. Already in the sixteenth century, it was written about it, that it is peculiarly good on the head and brain. The action of sage was confirmed by scientists four centuries later, when it turned out that it blocks the enzyme decomposing acetylcholine - a hormone that carries information between neurons.

Brain gymnastics

The brain's efficiency can also be changed by changing thinking. A good way is to try to develop new ways of thinking and solving problems. Recognizing one thing from many perspectives increases the efficiency of thinking and drawing conclusions.

A proven method to improve memory and more efficient prioritization is to keep a diary and take notes. Writing improves creativity and analytical skills. Things that have been saved are easier to remember.

The most effective will be the combination of an appropriate diet with physical exercise and brain exercises. The brain has enormous possibilities, and although the myth is that only 10 percent are used. its function, you can always make better use of all its possibilities, available for our level of development.

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