Copenhagen diet – principles


The Copenhagen diet is one of the popular low-calorie diets, which during the period of application is to a large extent contribute to the loss of kilograms. However, is this the right way to lose unnecessary ballast? What is the Copenhagen diet? What guidelines does he say? Check the principles and effects of the Copenhagen diet and see if it is worth applying it in your own plan.  

Copenhagen diet  

The Copenhagen diet is known as the Danish diet or the thirteenth-day diet (due to the time it is used). It is a type of feeding system with strictly defined rules, regarding the amount of calories consumed, products that can be consumed, the number of meals and the hours in which they should be eaten. The rules, effects of products to be consumed and the advantages and disadvantages of this diet will be presented below

Copenhagen diet - principles  

As it was mentioned above, the Copenhagen diet has strict rules for every aspect of the diet

Low calorie - diet is based on consuming from 600 to 800 kcal per day.

Application length - this system is used for 13 days. In the event that during the breaks the rules, stop the diet and start again after 3 months break. In the case of a successful diet, it can be repeated after about 2 years, preferably after consultation with a competent doctor and dietitian.

3 meals a day - the diet assumes eating breakfast between 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock, dinner between 12 and 14 and dinner between the hours of 16 and 18

Foods for specific products - the authors present a detailed list of products that can be consumed and which are not allowed under any circumstances. The diet is based on a strong reduction of fats and carbohydrates, providing a certain amount of protein. In addition, specific products are assigned to a specific meal.

The diet should be based on products such as meat (beef, chicken), cottage cheese, eggs, single vegetables (spinach, tomato, lettuce), yogurt.

Lack of activity - due to the very low calorie content of the diet it is recommended to stop physical activity for this time.

It is recommended to eat a lot of water and help with coffee to maintain energy.

Copenhagen diet - effects, advantages and disadvantages.  

Diet authors indicate that their diet program allows for rapid weight loss. It's basically the biggest effect of the Copenhagen diet. Another advantage is the short period of dietary principles - only 13 days. What specific can you get? The result is to be from 7 to 20kg of the weight dropped. It sounds all but not very likely.

The Copenhagen diet is not free of defects, which significantly outweigh its effects and advantages.

  • It is very strict - it can cause problems with maintaining it.
  • The decrease in energy due to the very low calorie diet.
  • Recommendation on inactivity during the duration of the diet. What makes sense with such low caloric content, however, eating such a small amount of calories is very dangerous for health.
  • Dizziness, fainting, nausea.
  • Calorific value below the so-called BMR, or the amount of calories that the body needs to allow its internal organs to work properly.
  • A small amount of cereal products - this will contribute to the supply of a small amount of complex carbohydrates and fiber, the supply of which is necessary for health and fitness.
  • A small pool of products - including a small amount of fruit, which can lead to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. All this is not beneficial for health, fitness and well-being.
  • Diet recommendations alone preclude combining it with strength training.
  • In addition, such a small amount of calories will certainly cause a drop in energy, which will make it very difficult or impossible to perform strength training.
  • Possible syncope and dizziness during the Copenhagen diet are another argument that does not allow you to combine strength training with this feeding system.
  • In addition, with such a low number of calories it is impossible to provide the right amount of protein that is necessary for post-workout regeneration or reduction of body fat.

Is the Copenhagen diet effective?

The Copenhagen diet is based on very strict rules regarding the amount of calories, the number of meals, the hours of consumption and the products that can be consumed for a specific meal. However, its authors praise the effectiveness of the nutrition system in terms of weight loss. The process of shedding excess kilograms will be associated not only with the reduction of body fat, but also with the loss of muscle tissue and water. Is the Copenhagen diet effective? The number of defects with a small number of advantages speaks for itself - this feeding system is not worth the risk and application.

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