Creatine hydrochloride – increasing muscle strength


Creatine is an extremely important compound in the body that is valued above all by people who train. However, there are many preparations on the market that have creatine in the right form. One of them is creatine hydrochloride, which is considered one of the best when it comes to the most effective choice.


It dissolves in water.It contains about 77% creatine, because it is highly concentrated. In combination with low pH, it does not change into creatinine. Supplementation with creatine hydrochloride is the best solution that can be chosen by any of the athletes.

How does creatine hydrochloride work?

Creatine ensures, among other things, the increase of muscle strength and support the growth of lean muscle mass. Its use is of great importance for the increase of endurance and to accelerate regeneration after training. Taking it in the form of creatine hydrochloride, it does not retain water in the body, does not burden the kidneys, is safe for the stomach. There are no side effects, only the positive aspects.

Dosage of creatine hydrochloride

In the case of creatine, it is recommended to periodically take it in a cyclical manner, making the muscles stop using them. However, when it comes to creatine hydrochloride alone, it is recommended to use it continuously, due to the fact that it is very safe to use and it is not possible at the recommended doses to overdose. It is stable, which reduces the production of metabolites that are unnecessary in our body and that could damage the liver and kidneys. It is recommended to take 4-8 g of creatine hydrochloride depending on the weight and level of disability. However, we should not take more than 5 grams once, as the larger quantity will not be absorbed. So if we accept more, it is recommended to break up the dose into smaller portions.

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