Creatine malate – increase in muscle mass

Creatine malate is an anabolic compound used as a dietary supplement in athletes. The basis here is creatine, which plays an extremely important role for people who train in strength and endurance. It is extremely effective in operation, because it has much better properties.

Creatine allows you to gain lean muscle mass, faster fat reduction, and proper regeneration after training. The apple acid itself supports the antioxidant properties, limits the growth of bacteria and fungi, and acts on the digestive system. The combination of a creatine molecule with malic acid improves the creatine biorecence, facilitates its absorption, and also has a huge impact on its proper stability in the body.

How does creatine malate work?

Taking creatine malate contributes to a large extent to the increase in energy that affects most of the metabolic processes that take place in our body. For people training in the gym, supplementation with this preparation contributes to, among other things, muscle mass growth. In addition, it affects the reconstruction of damaged muscle cells after training, which significantly shortens the time of regeneration of the body.

    Creatine increases muscle strength and endurance. Applying it before training makes the exercises performed with greater strength and with more repetitions, and thus with better effects. In addition, this component relieves post-workout fatigue, and is extremely important in reducing body fat, where it increases sweating, stimulates the metabolic rate and protects muscles from degradation.

    Dosage of creatine malate

    Using creatine malate should put on long-term supplementation. It is assumed that the best of the recommended doses is 1g for every 10 kg of body weight. Mix it with cold water or fruit juice. On training days, you should bet on creatine malate both before and after training, dividing the daily dose into half. On non-workout days, half of the daytime workout day taken at any time of the day. Of course, before using supplementation, read the manufacturer's description and follow its recommendations.

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