Creatine – once again about one of the most popular supplements

Creatine is the most popular and the best supplement available on the market. This is not surprising, because it is cheap and brings real effects. Creatine is a great idea for supplementation in any type of training - it allows increase muscle strength, muscle mass and build a perfect figure. If it's so amazing, should everyone take it? When to start taking creatine? Check more in the article.

    Cycle cycle

    Creatine cycle is a serious matter that is often associated with the dark side of strength sports. Is it right? Of course not.

    Creatine is nothing but a natural chemical compound that increases ATP molecules.

    It also speeds up the synthesis of proteins in the body - it leads to this by binding water in cells (anabolic processes occur at a faster rate).

    Creatine is found in the body of every human being including in tendons and muscles. Its high content can be found in beef, as well as other meats. The best source, however, are nutrients and supplements. The Creatine Cycle certainly enhances the effects of each workout - but not everyone will be able to take full advantage of its potential and power. What should you pay attention to before you start to supplement your creatine in your plan?

    Creatine and diet

    Supplementation is an addition to the training and diet plan. Therefore, creatine, as well as all other nutrients, i.e.

    they only make sense if you have a proper diet. Each of the gym exercisers should focus on their menu, because the effects of hard training at the gym depend on the menu. Therefore, before buying the first creatine it is worth adjusting your meals to the training goal. First the diet, then the supplementation - it is worth remembering this principle.

    Creatine and drinking water

    In the case of creatine supplementation, it is worth increasing the water intake. It is true that some people even talk about 5-6 liters of water a day, but the range 3-5 seems more feasible to achieve. Such amount of fluids allows for effective use of the supplement and the best training results.

    Creatine and training experience

    Let's be honest. Creatine is not the best for beginners in the gym. Trainees who start their adventure with strength training should focus primarily on diet and training. Creatine will work for those who

    • they got to know the work of their body
    • they allowed the muscles to adapt to training stimuli

      If you have already tried typical monohydrate form, then we suggest trying something new. For example Creatine Orotate contained in Orotine Plus from Apollo Hegemony
      If you have already tried typical monohydrate form, then we suggest trying something new. For example Creatine Orotate contained in Orotine Plus from Apollo Hegemony

    • they have developed motor features in a proper way

    Why not take creatine right away? This is no philosophy - a minimal training experience allows you to learn movement patterns, to develop a technique of exercise, and to check the exercises that give the best results. Supplementation is to complete the whole plan, so it is best not to take this pleasure and use creatine later.

    It is said that after 2-3 months it is best to enter the first creatine cycle - but everything depends on the individual preferences and abilities of the exerciser.

    It is worth to delay its use as much as possible and take advantage of the possibilities offered by the diet and training plan. Supplementation - creatine too - is an add-on.

    When to start taking creatine?

    The best moment is when the body has reached the highest level of strength and muscular endurance.

    It's worth to start with creatine supplementation in case of problems with building muscle mass, strength or endurance only with the help of diet and training.

    Creatine affects the effectiveness of each workout

    • increases muscle strength
    • enhances the body's energy capabilities
    • helps in regeneration
    • allows you to build lean muscle mass

    A good moment for the creatine cycle is a frequent phenomenon in the gym, ie training stagnation. Of course, it will not be a magic means that will allow you to go back to the gym and achieve new records again. However, research on creatine indicates that to some extent it can contribute to muscle development and their training possibilities.

    Is it worth taking creatine?

    Supplementation is to support the results of exercising at the gym. Creatine is one of the most popular products that brings specific effects. Is it worth taking? Yes of course. However, you need to know when to start using creatine, as well as how long and in what portions.

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