Creatine orotate – support of muscle anabolism


Creatine orotate is a compound consisting of anabolic creatine and orotic acid, which is intended to support the muscle anabolism process. It is well soluble and effectively penetrates the tissues, making it a supplement used by many athletes. It exhibits high bioavailability as well as high stability.,

    The effect of creatine orotate

    Taking creatine orotate stimulates the growth of muscle mass and at the same time increases their strength. Creatine orotate accelerates synthesis and regeneration, participates in the transformation of carbohydrates, and also increases the use of glucose. Thanks to this compound, muscle recovery time is definitely shorter and less painful. The benefit of taking this form of creatine is also increasing the strength parameters and increasing the level of glycogen storage. So if a good solution that influences the increase in muscle mass, reduction of adipose tissue, and to achieve the desired effects in the form of a sculptured figure and strength in the muscles, then creatine orotate will be the best choice.

    Dosage of creatine orotate

    Everyone can choose according to the preferences and convenience of using creatine orotate in the form of a monopreparation, as well as through creatine stacks. In the case of cyclic supplementation, the dose is 5-10 grams per day, divided into 1-3 servings. The amount of supplement taken depends, among other things, on the form of physical activity, on the body weight or the time provided, which we want to devote to taking this orotan.

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