Creatine phosphate – a source of energy for muscles


Creatine phosphate is one of the forms of creatine used by athletes, both strength training as well as endurance. It can be taken as a single form or as one of the ingredients found in creatine supplements.

Phosphate bonds are the main source of energy for our muscles. By accepting creatine phosphate, we provide the creatine that is necessary in building forms in the best possible form. Best absorbed and acting with the greatest effectiveness.

How does creatine phosphate work?

Creatine is indispensable wherever we train strength, speed and silhouette. It is the basis for anaerobic training and everywhere where there is high intensity. Using creatine phosphate, we accelerate, among other things, the process of restoring ATP levels in muscle tissue, and increase its amount in the muscles, thus giving the possibility of greater storage. If we want to increase lean muscle mass, we want to gain better endurance and endurance of the body, and to put on an effective form of regeneration after training, certainly creatine phosphate will prove to be irreplaceable here.

Dosage of creatine phosphate

Accepting this form of supplementation depends on the type of preparation we are dealing with, what is our mass and what type of training we perform. Initially, it is recommended that 5-10 g per day for cyclic use and 3-5 g per day for continuous use interspersed with increased doses in the range of 15-20 g per day for a period of 5-7 days. If sports combining endurance and strength are involved, it is good to combine them with beta-alanine.

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