Deadlift variation – deadlift with straight legs

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A deadlift is one of the basic exercises that should appear in every training plan. Variants of this exercise there are several types that are not very popular at the gym. Men usually use the classic version and sumo, and women - the variant with locked knees. Is a deadlift on straight legs in the training plan a good idea for everyone? What should the correctlift look like? What's the effect? Check in the article.

A deadlift with straight legs

A deadlift with straight legs is a really interesting exercise. It's worth to learn more about it!

A deadlift on straight legs - advantages

A deadlift with straight legs engages the muscles of two-headed thighs and buttocks - to a greater extent than the classical version of thelift. Therefore, it is more often performed by ladies. This does not mean, however, that men should not include this exercise in their plans. This is above all a great alternative to the classiclift. It will also work as a method of stretching the back band. Thanks to the maintenance of almost straight legs, we stretch the muscles and tendons. This translates into an increase in the range of motion in the classic deadlift.

A deadlift on straight legs - defects

The version with straight legs for beginners can be harder to learn. This is due to the difficulty in mastering the movement pattern, which may result, for example, from their limited mobility. When performing deadlift with straight legs, the buttocks and two-headed thigh muscles work the most, so it will not be an exercise that should be the basis for back and leg training for beginners. In this case, it is better to choose the classic version, which definitely engages the widest muscles of the spine.

Deadlift with straight legs - effects

The most important effects of using deadlift with straight legs in your training plan is to increase your strength. Simultaneously with the development of this motoric feature, the musculature of the lower body parts is extended. This is great news for anyone who wants to sculpt and emphasize their buttocks and two-headed muscles. The version on straight legs also allows good stretching of the back strap, which increases mobility in other exercises, such as squats, classic deadlift or dynamic exercises.

A deadlift with straight legs - a technique  

The most important technical note when performing a deadlift with straight legs is to bend the knees slightly.

This means that knee joints can not be permanently blocked during movement. All the more, you must not even prostrate in the knee joint, because it may cause injury.

We do the exercise with practically the same setting as the classic deadlift. The difference is that our legs are set narrowly. Through this procedure, we do not have much space to hide the pelvis when going down. That's why the knees should be bent slightly, and the whole movement is focused on pushing the pelvis backwards.

Depending on the stretch and mobility - the weight may or may not touch the ground. Many people have problems with this. Therefore, they lift the barbell not from the ground, but from the elevation.

All the time, remember to keep your back straight, the fixed angle of the knees bent, muscle tension and the removal of the shoulder blades.

For whom is the deadlift with straight legs?

A deadlift with straight legs should be included in the training plan of anyone looking for an effective method to develop the lower body musculature.

It will also be a great alternative for those who have stagnated in the classic version. Changing the sequence will give the muscles a different kind of impulse and break the deadlock.

A deadlift with straight legs will certainly be the domain of women wishing to carve thighs and buttocks. Men who care about the figure should also think about including this exercise - in this aspect - for their training plan.

A deadlift with straight legs - which muscles work in this exercise?

Although the thighs and buttocks are definitely the most heavily involved in a deadlift with straight legs, the entire body also works to a greater or lesser extent. Apart from the main muscles, there are, among others,

  • foot stabilizers,
  • neck muscles.

For this reason, all types of deadlift are such an effective training tool.

Deadlift with straight legs or classic one?

The choice of dead line version depends on several important factors.

  • The first of these is primarily a training goal.
  • Second health and mobility.
  • The third issue is the priority.

In the case of a holistic approach to training and maximizing your training effects, it is worth to do both versions of the exercise.

A deadlift with straight legs in the training plan

A deadlift on straight legs in the training plan can be basic or complementary and alternative exercises. It is definitely worth using it, because it can bring incredible benefits to every gym practitioner. It is worth thinking about how to successfully use deadlift with straight legs into your training.

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