Detoxifying massage with honey

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This sweet delicacy in the colour of gold was known for its healing properties already in ancient times. The unique combination of nutrients in honey makes it easily absorbed by the body and the enzymes contained in it activate biochemical reactions in the body and bind toxins.

The honey massage can be performed all year round.

In summer it will soothe tired skin, in winter it will moisturise and nourish chapped lips. When performed regularly, it can cleanse the entire body or individual organs. It extracts toxins from the skin, subcutaneous tissue, joints and muscles, cleanses pores and oxygenates the body.

Why does honey work?

Thanks to the enzyme glucose oxidase contained in honey, it has bactericidal properties, so it can be used in people with skin lesions such as acne, rashes or scars. Due to its regenerative properties, the effect of honey will be appreciated by athletes, mountaineers or people undergoing rehabilitation.

Honey has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, it increases the secretion of enzymes by the salivary glands, thus regulating the liver and kidneys.

It is also used in the treatment of respiratory system disorders, has an expectorant effect and is very effective in the treatment of colds or bronchitis.

It is particularly valued by women. It is not known from today that it has a soothing effect on the skin. Already in antiquity, Cleopatra used to bathe in honey and milk.

In addition, honey is a natural preparation for fighting cellulite. Apart from the fact that it removes toxins lying in cells, it also stimulates blood circulation and improves metabolism. If you value natural ingredients, an anti-cellulite massage is just for you.

When performed regularly, it can cleanse the whole body or individual organs. It extracts toxins from the skin, subcutaneous tissue, joints and muscles, cleanses pores and oxygenates the body.

Benefits of honey infographic
Benefits of honey infographic

Mass preparation

  • honey
  • coffee beans
  • olive oil

Mix 2 spoonfuls of honey with 3 spoonfuls of freshly ground coffee and 6 spoonfuls of olive oil. Then massage the mixture into the body starting from the feet with circular movements.

Massage technique

You can do a full body massage with honey from a specialist or, if you prefer, also prepare it at home. Simply cleanse your own or selected body part and then massage the slightly heated honey into the selected area until it has cooled down on your body. Remember, never heat honey more than 60 degrees, it then loses all its nutritional properties. The whole body massage starts from the top and moves downwards. We can start from the back, moving along the spine to the sides, massage it until the honey increases its adhesion and it will be difficult to spread it on the body. You will see that after the first treatment you will feel the first effects.

Energy boost

A honey massage is a great way to give our body a new injection of energy. It will warm up, relax and improve our mood, and in addition, it will nourish and cleanse our skin of the poisons that lie in it. Remember to use natural honey for the massage.

What kind of honey to use?

For diabetics and people struggling with urinary tract diseases, we would recommend acacia honey. I would suggest Buckwheat honey for people after severe injuries, fractures, and rapeseed honey is used for lung and heart diseases.

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