DHEA – a hormone in tablets


DHEA -dehydroepiandrosterone, it is a steroid hormone that is formed in the body with cholesterol.Its production takes place in the adrenal cortex, in a smaller number in the ovaries and testes. The formation of this hormone begins around 6-8 years of age, the largest is between 25 and 30 years old, then slowly decreases. In human blood, the normal level of DHEA is 7- 30 nmol / L. This substance is a transient substrate from which sex hormones are produced.

How does DHEA work?

DHEA has a very strong effect on almost the entire human body, it brings many benefits.Its proper level in the body, especially when it comes to women is simply invaluable.

1. DHEA is an excellent therapy during menopause.

Every woman struggling with menopause knows how great the problem is the symptoms of this condition. Constant feeling of tiredness, dizziness, so troublesome feelings of hotness and sweating. Added to this are muscle and joint pains, hyperactivity, anxiety, neurosis, and even depression and very ofteninsomnia.In the sexual sphere there is dryness of the vagina, which leads to aversion to approximation, reduced libido, less pleasure.Osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, insulin resistance, and lower glucose tolerance may appear. Many women opt for estrogen replacement therapy, but it turns out that it is a relatively expensive method, with many side effects. And what about the treatment of DHEA? Lower adrenal androgen suppression, i.e., DHEA decreases with age.It is this low level that causes a drop in energy, lowering the quality of life, weakening mood, feeling unwell. If we start using DHEA many problems can disappear very quickly, and menopause does not have to be a nightmare.

2. DHEA works on the nervous system

Appropriate level of DHEA ensures above all an appropriate emotional state. By using it, we improve our mood, we reduce sadness and fatigue, we become less nervous and confused. We have more energy, we gain motivation and much greater willingness to live. DHEA is a drug for depression, slows down the aging process of the body, improves eyesight or prevents memory problems.

    3. DHEA works on the immune system

    Thanks to DHEA, the body's immunity and thus the lower incidence of various diseases and the occurrence of inflammation are improved. In addition, it affects the work of the heart counteracting disorders, positively affects the work of the brain protecting against damage. It is a solution for asthma and for all kinds of allergies.

    4. DHEA works on the motor system

    Due to the fact that the level of DHEA decreases with age, the susceptibility to bone fragility is also increased. By taking 5 mg DHEA per day, you can largely reduce the risk of fractures associated with reduced bone mineral density. With DHEA, you can also rebuild cartilage.

    5. DHEA affects our physical condition

    Although DHEA is mainly used by women, it turns out that it is very popular also for men who train in strength. Improving muscle strength, increasing physical endurance, improving performance. DHEA is indispensable for the production of testosterone, and testosterone, as we know, is of great importance during the results achieved in body building.

    6. DHEA works on the circulatory system

    DHEA is primarily designed to regulate blood glucose and insulin, reduce inflammation or improve blood flow in the blood vessels. If we put an appropriate dose of DHEA, we will prevent, among other things, the formation of blood clots, blockage of arteries, and the onset of heart attacks.

    7. DHEA improves libido and sexual performance

    In men with erectile problems, in people suffering from reduced libido or various sexual dysfunctions, DHEA is certainly the best and most effective solution.

    8. DHEA affects metabolism

    And finally, DHEA also affects our metabolism. Thanks to it, we can lose unnecessary kilograms and accelerate the burning of body fat. With age, overweight is definitely higher, which is naturally associated with a decrease in DHEA in the body. If we take care of the right level, this problem will not affect us.

    The dose of DHEA

    The use of DHEA by women should start with taking 5 mg a day. If after a long time no effects are noticeable, the dose can be increased, but not exceeding the maximum recommended up to 20 mg. If we do not follow the recommendations, there may be side effects, including, among others, hirsutism, i.e. excessive male hair, acne, pruritus, sweating, greasiness of the skin and hair, as well as menstrual disorders. We should take DHEA during a meal because it facilitates the absorption process. After oral administration, the concentration increases after about 2- 5 hours. When it comes to bioavailability, it is 50-70%.

    For whom DHEA is?

    It is considered that DHEA is the best solution recommended for women, because it is the best form of replacement of hormone replacement therapy with such a very safe dosage of DHEA. It affects everything from the appearance, through the functioning of the body to the enjoyment of every aspect of life. Can men use DHEA? Of course, but only those who show the presence of andropause symptoms. This increases libido and sexual performance, and improves the functioning of the nervous system. DHEA is also a good preparation for athletes because it increases muscle mass, prevents osteoporosis, and to this supports the circulatory system thus ensuring maximum efficiency of the body. Although there is no evidence for efficacy, DHEA is recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, depression, immune disorders, osteoporosis, as well as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

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