Diet – key to success

Many people, especially beginners, are wondering what the basis and the key to being healthy are, as well as shaping the figure. How to combine these two goals? Undoubtedly, the basis for our figure to look aesthetically, especially during the holidays, is the right strength training and change to our eating habits. We will focus on the latter. So what are the basic changes in nutrition to make this a stimulus for our muscles, to better shape them.

Change the way you think

First and foremost, we must start with a mental approach to what we want to achieve and how. It’s important to remember that when working on our figure, eating should be a pleasure for us, not something we have to do. "I want" and not "I must" - this thought should accompany us throughout life. Unfortunately, it will not last long if you do not like it and will not become a lifestyle. Only the pleasure of physical activity and nutrition will give us the long-lasting effects of changing body composition and improving our health.

Basics and not the details

Unfortunately, with the experience of working with people, we can see a tendency to focus on the details rather than the basics. The first thing we should do in order to change our profile is to change our eating habits and introduce the right kind of activity for a specific purpose and body. Many beginners, especially for men, firstly focus on is the introduction of strength workout, and then the selection of supplementation. Yes, it is important, but not necessarily for a beginner. In this case, you should focus not on the selection of creatine after a month of training, and on significant nutritional errors. The details of supplementation will come when we have established bases.

Diet is the most important part of healthy lifestyle - choice is yours!
Diet is the most important part of healthy lifestyle - choice is yours!

Proper selection of activity

Bad choice of physical activity is quite common, especially for women. For some time, there is a trend to change the cardio for continuous training involving the individual muscle parts, in terms of their functionality. Sadly, women are still frightened of strength exercises, resulting from the misinterpretation of what effects can be achieved by training in a given way.

We should definitely not be afraid of lifting bars. They are suitable to improve the silhouette. Muscles, especially in women, need a lot of stimulus to make the silhouette change and improve its proportions.

Muscles that do not have the stimulus to develop in the form of strength training are not needed. So, instead of getting rid of body fat, the body will first get rid of the muscles. Unfortunately, the result of excessive oxygen training will not be good quality, proportionate figure, lack of proportion, disorders in the composition and introduction of the body into continuous stress.

The less the "no" the better

The widespread phenomenon of people wanting to improve the appearance of their body and reduce excess body fat is to introduce significant dietary restrictions, limiting kcal to almost starvation quantities. Unfortunately, this way will not only not bring the desired results, it will bring health problems.

Amounts of kcal limited too close to BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) will certainly contribute to significant deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Over time, our body will defend itself against such a low supply of kcal. The thyroid gland will begin to slow down and go into hypothyroidism and endocrine disorders. Long-term exposure to such a pathological situation will lead to metabolic breakdown and total dysregulation of hormones in our body. That is why it is important to remember that food is the key to success, not lack.

Common sense

Remember that this diet should be adjusted to our life; our life should not be adjusted to the diet. Therefore, it’s irrelevant how many meals we eat per day or at what time. It is important to match it with your work day, school, training or other daily duties. Both the amount of meals and their hours should be chosen according to all these aspects. We can only point out that a meal should be eaten about 2 hours before activity, as soon as it’s finished, and around 2 hours before sleep. Yes, we should exercise or go to sleep on an empty stomach. The exception is when we go to sleep quickly after the exercise. Then a full-fledged meal should definitely be eaten, unless it will affect sleep quality.

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