Dietary supplements for children


In the diet of every child, there are some important nutrients that are responsible for optimal body development. Unfortunately, even a well-balanced diet can often prove to be insufficient in many important vitamins and minerals. And deficiencies of many nutrients in the body of a young person can lead to serious consequences. So here comes the question - what dietary supplements to choose to improve the health of your children?

Vitamin D for children

In the diet of every child sufficient vitamin D intake is essential. It is responsible for the health and development of the skeletal system because it has the ability to increase the assimilation of calcium, which is the mineral responsible for building the parts of the skeletal system. However, that's not all functions of vitamin D. It also has an impact on dental health, correct immune system response, and good overall well-being.

It is advisable to take vitamin D supplements for children to ensure adequate intake of this nutrient. Vitamin D supplementation is extremely important because even half of the population can suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and this can lead to health problems, brittle bones, and crumbling teeth. Many experts recommend additional vitamin D supplementation, especially during the fall and winter.

Vitamin K for children

Not much is heard about vitamin K supplementation, which is a shame, due to the fact that it is a very important vitamin in the diet of every child. It is responsible for the blood clotting process. When newborns become deficient in this important vitamin, they can develop a problem with excessive bleeding, which is called hemorrhagic disease of the newborn. This disease can occur within the first week of a toddler's life. And at a later stage, under the influence of deficiency, intracranial bleeding can occur.

Children who are fed only with mother's milk, have a food intolerance, or suffer from impaired absorption of nutrients due to digestive system abnormalities, are exposed to a higher risk of vitamin K deficiency. So it is worth ensuring its sufficient intake or start thoughtful vitamin K supplementation from a young age. It is also a vitamin that has an impact on skeletal health, as it aids in the transfer of calcium to the bones and has been shown to have a positive impact on cardiovascular functioning.

Vitamin C for children

It is also worth reaching for supplememnts that support the functioning of the immune system. One of the most frequently chosen is vitamin C supplement. It has a beneficial effect on the activity of immune cells. Vitamin C deficiency may lead to an increased frequency of infections. Therefore, optimal Vitamin C intake should be ensured for every toddler.

If the diet of your child cannot meet the daily requirement for Vitamin C, it is worth reaching for dietary supplements, which will supplement its deficiency. It is best to choose dietary supplements in tablets or liquid because they are more comfortable for children to take.

Calcium for children

One of the most often used dietary supplements is calcium. In many cases, when there is a problem with the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract or the child suffers from lactose intolerance additional calcium supplementation is a recommended action.

As mentioned earlier, calcium is especially important for young people whose bodies are still in the developmental stage. It is a nutrient that is responsible for the proper functioning of the skeletal system. It is its main building block, so if you want your child to have healthy and strong bones, it is necessary to provide the body of a toddler with an adequate dose of calcium. It is a rather poorly absorbed nutrient, so there may be an issue with its deficiency in many children, and this may adversely affect their health. Calcium deficiency may lead to excessive bone fragility and brittle teeth.

Therefore, it is worth starting additional supplementation with this nutrient, however, we should remember that its excess in the diet is also not safe. It is best to use calcium together with vitamin D and K, which will help transport calcium to the bones.

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