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Thanks to our trusting customers, the store is developing at an amazing rate. Every day are expanding our product range with the most sophisticated diet supplements. The amount of orders is often higher than the amount we’re able to send out. We are aware that without you, it would not be possible to become one of the largest stores in Europe.

We show appreciation to our loyal customers by running discount programs and a range of promotions, but today we have something exceptionally special for you. Two partnership programs that will allow you to become a part of #MZTEAM

1)      Get paid with us

The first partnership program involves you getting an individual rebate code that can be used by a customer. The buyer will get a rebate of 5%, and you, as the owner of the fanpage that the code was used from, will get 5% of the total order, excluding the rebate and the shipping costs. All the information will be available under a special link, where it shows who spent how much.

The more people use your code – the more advantages you get from it.

2)      Become our blogger

Your task will be to write entries on a blog run by our company. The subjects will be chosen by you, but we prefer them to be related to sports, supplementation and nourishment. You can publish your preparations, workouts, competitions etc. Advantages for both sides will include publishing the entries on our fanpage, social media and blog. You will promote us – we will promote you. Our bloggers get 100 GBP to spend in the in supplements, at a retail price.

Join our specialist circle and build your image on our blog!

Write to us:

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Name and surname:


Addresses of your blogs, fanpages, social media profiles you use to promote yourself:

What form of partnership are you interested in:

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Jack Howard

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Hope that my people will do their work in the best possible way, to let you know and learn more. Feel free to give me any feedback you like.


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