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Elliptical training or treadmill?

The elliptical trainer and treadmill are two basic cardio devices that can be found in any fitness club and gym. The elliptical cross trainer is used to imitate a run that can be done in a natural form on the treadmill. What better to exercise? Which equipment to use in your gym workout? Check more in the article  

Treadmill and cross trainer at the gym  

The treadmill in the gym training is a device designed to imitate a natural run in an open area.

Depending on the model and type of treadmill, it is possible to adjust the speed of the run and the angle of the treadmill. This allows you to completely adjust the intensity in two different ways depending on the purpose.

In addition, newer models have programs to create a training unit, eg interval training or enable heart rate control through special handles or a combination of a chest strap.

The elliptical trainer at the gym to some extent imitates the run.

The elliptical machine, however, completely determines the path, without interrupting contact with the ground (as it happens during the run).

These machines usually have resistance adjustments, in addition, the newer models also allow adjustment of the step length.

Just like a treadmill, most cross trainers allow you to control your heart rate in the same way.

The treadmill and cross trainers in the gym workout use the whole body to work out. Therefore, in an ideal way they can enter the training, for example as a warm-up element (increasing the heart rate) and cool down - that is, calming the body after a hard strength training. Like any cardio device, they allow you to

  • performance of endurance training as a substitute for training in the field;
  • variety of training at the gym.


The type of cardio device you choose will not be of much importance in achieving the effects if the training is properly planned and duly performed. Both tools give the best results as equipment including down

  • warm-up,
  • cool down,
  • endurance training,
  • cardio training,
  • functional training.

The elliptical trainer or treadmill at the gym?  

The elliptical trainer or treadmill at the gym? Each equipment of this type will be used in training, regardless of its character. These work great as auxiliary or main devices on which training will be performed.

Both the elliptical trainer and treadmill have their advantages and disadvantages.

For some, the elliptical trainer will be more comfortable and more interesting, while for another person it is the treadmill that will be a better choice.

It seems most reasonable to use both and make an independent decision where it is more comfortable. The selection of the device will not be of great importance to the achieved effects if the appropriate training parameters are maintained. If the selection of the device makes it more difficult to maintain the intensity or length of the training time, for example by keeping the right heart rate, then it is better to think about another cardio machine.


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