Excessive sweating – intimate yet troublesome issue


Excessive sweating is a rather embarrassing problem - unfortunately, it affects the vast majority of the population. There are various ways to avoid unpleasant odours, especially from the armpits and intimate areas. Many people seek help in antiperspirants or frequent washing. It is worth knowing, however, that there are vegetables which consumption prevents excessive sweating. What to eat to avoid sweat problems?

Sweat and heat

In the summer heat, sweating is actually a natural phenomenon that is the body’s response to high air temperatures. It happens, however, that unpleasant smell and stains on clothing in the armpit area also appear at other times of the year, heralding excessive sweating. What to do in this situation?

There are many possibilities. Undoubtedly, regular hygiene is the most important factor. A quick shower in the morning and evening in many cases turns out to be insufficient, even when we use good antiperspirants. If possible, we should refresh the body also during the day - contrary to appearances, there is no need for long lounging in the bathtub or showering in the shower, just a quick shower using the appropriate cleaning agents.

Cosmetics, for daily hygiene, are another issue. It is worth noting that they should contain the right herbal ingredients. You should definitely avoid perfumed gels or soaps for washing.

A proper diet is also very important - it should be easily digestible, rich in vitamins and minerals. Under no circumstances should you overload the stomach - in this way we force the body to work harder, which results in additional sweating.

Definitely, you should limit the greasy meat and sausages. Avoid spices in the form of garlic and onions, also chives – they significantly increase the unpleasant smell of sweat.

In hot weather, it is also worth giving up coffee and tea, replacing these drinks with fruit juices and non-carbonated mineral water.

Herbs for health - will stop sweat

Herbal infusions also prove to be the way to decrease sweating intensity. It is generally known that in hot weather we lose significant amounts of water, and thus it is necessary to properly hydrate the body. The best way to do it is still mineral water, although it is also worth thinking about herbal teas that will not only quench your thirst but also prevent excessive sweating.

An effective drink to do it can be a nettle juice, which we can prepare with a home juicer. For this purpose, it is necessary to collect about a kilogram of young nettle leaves. Just drink one or two tablespoons of infusion a day to get the desired results.

A great alternative is also a mixture of sage leaves, walnut leaves, lemon balm, yarrow herb and horsetail herb. The leaves should be poured with boiling water and cook for two or three minutes. To get the desired results, you should drink a glass of infusion every other day in the morning and evening for four or five weeks.

However, it should be remembered that the use of infusions and herbal teas will not replace proper daily hygiene.

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