Exercises for a six pack – 7 of the best exercises for stomach muscles hard as steel

Are you dreaming of the “six pack” effect on your stomach? Here are 7 of the best exercises that will help you carve your stomach muscles and make them hard as steel. Exercises involve the simple, oblique and transverse muscles of the abdomen. The first results are visible after two weeks of regular training.

To get a six pack on your belly, you need varied exercises, regularity and use a protein rich diet.

Exercises for the "six-pack" should be comprehensive and strengthen all parts of the abdominal muscles: straight, oblique and transverse. To get a visible effect, you should do regular workouts, preferably 3-4 times a week. It is also important to have a proper diet that will help you get rid of fat around the abdomen and expose your muscles.

Set of exercises for a six-pack

The following set contains 7 exercises, which are self-training exercises aimed at obtaining visible muscles of the abdomen. One series contains between 20 and 30 repetitions. Take a 1,5-minute rest between series. Exercise can be done at home – with some free space and a comfortable mat or soft carpet.

  1. Exercises for a six-pack: spider

Sit on the floor with straight legs. Push both hands upward, pivoting the torso slightly backward, lift your feet 3-4 centimetres above the ground. Pull your knee up to your chest as high as you can. At the same time lower your arms and hug your bent knees with your hands. Return to the initial position by lifting your hands up and straightening your legs. Remember not to touch the feet of the floor or support with hands during the exercise. Make 25 repetitions.

  1. Exercises for a six-pack: spring

Lay on your back, stretch your arms along your body. Lift your legs (perpendicular to the floor). Without lifting your hand from the ground, lift your hips up with your legs (should be slightly bent). Perform a springy upward and downward movement of your feet. Attention - do not lower your hips! They should be slightly raised above the ground. Make 2 series of 25 repetitions.

  1. Exercises for a six-pack: package

Sit on the floor, legs and back straight. Grab the ball with both hands (depending on your fitness - it can be a football, medical ball or weights) and place it on the right side of your body at the hip. Raise your legs bent over the ground at an angle of about 45 degrees. Twisting and slightly lifting the torso move the ball to one and then the other side of the body. Legs should always be above ground, keep your back straight. Make 2 series of 20 repetitions for each side.

  1. Exercises for a six-pack: V up

Lay on your back. Raise your legs to an angle of about 90 degrees, slightly bend your knees. Pull the neck and torso upward, pulling both hands toward the feet, and then return to the lying position on the back (keep your legs upright). Try to raise your hands as high as possible, preferably to the ankles. Do 30 pulls.

  1. Exercises for a six-pack: crunch

Lay on your back, lift your legs up, and bend your knees at right angles. Cross your feet. Place your hands behind your head. Pull up the torso until the shoulders are lifted - the lumbar should not lift off the ground. Be sure to not pull your head forward with your hands when doing this exercise, as this can cause a cervical spine injury. Make one series of 45 repetitions.

  1. Exercises for a six-pack: crunches with rotation

Lay on your back, legs bend in your knees. Put your hands behind your head or cross them on your chest. Pulling off the shoulders from the ground, perform a crunch torsion with a twist of the torso - one to the right, one to the left. Remember that during the exercise, the lumbar should not lift off the ground. Do 20 crunches.

  1. Exercises for a six-pack: mountain climbing

Go into a planking position - make sure the back is straight and your hands are exactly under the shoulders. Bend your right leg; pull your knee up to your chest. Do the same with the other leg. Perform the movement carefully and slowly to feel the work of the abdominal muscles well. Practice climbing for a minute.

There are many other exercises for ABS - which is your favourite one?
There are many other exercises for ABS - which is your favourite one?
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