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For the love of seniors – the composition of the tea

The beginning of the year is a special time not only because of the new possibilities and the plans and hopes that accompany them. It is also the period in which we celebrate many important events, which should definitely include Grandma's and Grandfather's Day. On this occasion, we have prepared an interesting idea - a tea composition for grandma and grandfather, which will honor the most important human parents in the life of every human being.

As we grow up, they are an example of wisdom, a source of knowledge and warmth. They surround us with love, they pamper and accompany us in the most important moments of our lives. Grandparents, because of course they are talking about, are exceptional people who deserve special recognition. On the occasion of Grandma's Day and Grandfather's Day, we have checked what compositions can be the great gifts on those special days. Including an apple and orange skin - rich sources of vitamin C - will help during colds or sore throat. The compositions should also include hibiscus and wild rose skin, which will also help strengthen the body's immunity.

Best type of tea? There is none. Every tea is awesome for a gift!
Best type of tea? There is none. Every tea is awesome for a gift!

In the grandmother's garden

Aromatic proposition for an original gift for grandparents will also be a fruity composition prepared according to our original recipe - Grandma's Garden. We should put there both fruits remembered from grandma's garden, as well as a bit of exotic, fragrant flavors. Blueberries, cherries and raisins will surely bring back fond memories of childhood, and banana and pineapple will allow our grandparents to enjoy the flavors of distant countries. The variety will be hibiscus - a real vitamin bomb. For grandfather's blend we can use more "menly" fruits - apples, and whole range of citrus fruits.  Both fruit compositions for grandmother and grandfather and Grandma's garden tea blend require a long brewing time. They should be brewed for about 5 minutes under cover in water at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius (ie almost immediately after boiling water), which will allow you to get the best taste and smell. After separating the drought from the infusion, we can enjoy selected, delicious fruit tea together with your loved ones.

Caring for seniors

They took care of us all our childhood. So let's remember about them, not only during their holidays. You don't have to buy generic presents from stores! Tea composition will be a special gift of love and respect. In addition, fruity compositions will be a great opportunity to spend happy moments together with a cup of tea.


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