Gainers in reduction diet


Gainer is a supplement that is associated primarily with the period of building muscle mass. Its basic task is to supplement calories in the diet and provide more carbohydrates. How will the gainer work on the reduction? Is it a good idea for supplementation while dumping excess kilograms?

Gainer and reduction

Gainerand reduction are seemingly two mutually exclusive concepts. This is mainly due to two aspects. The first of these is a high carbohydrate content and, what is worse, sugars in this type of products. The second is the unskilful use of gainers in the plan.

Is the gainer not suitable for supplementation for reduction in this case? This is not so obvious.

The effects of using the gainer during reduction will depend on many other factors. It is important when we eat such a product and how much it contains simple sugars. So the question about the legitimacy and the purpose of using this supplement during the reduction is justifiable. If you want to replace your meal with a quick sheikh, you should choose products with the lowest sugar content and the largest protein.

This is due to the fact that we want to keep the level of insulin in check. This may be the most anabolic hormone or it may become our worst enemy.

The amount of protein will also have an extraordinary meaning here, because in this stage of training, we increase its amount in the diet. The greater its supply acts thermogenically on the body, it must use more energy to digest it - which is a very beneficial phenomenon.

Also, the wrong product, and badly applied, will have the opposite effect. Instead of supporting the diet, it will contribute to weight gain.

Wisefully used, however, it can find a place in the reduction diet.

Who should use gainer for reduction?

Gainer on reduction can be used by people who have very intense and long trainings. They will be long-distance runners, footballers, cyclists or swimmers and martial artists. For the most part, it will not work in aesthetic-related sports. Significant influence on the possibility of using the gainer during reduction will have a genetic somatotype.


Even during the reduction, have problems with providing enough calories to protect muscle mass against catabolism. In their case, the use of help in the form of a high-calorie shake is even indicated.


In turn, of such supplements should be avoided - both on reduction and mass cycles.

When to take a gainer for reduction?

The use of the gainer during reduction may vary depending on the person, type of training and diet. When planning an intense effort, it can be a pre-workout meal.

  • It will provide us with energy from carbohydrates and amino acids that will protect muscle mass.
  • It can also be a quick boost of energy after a long, intense workout.

    Jumbo from Scitec Nutrition is whole-range gainer, containing high amount of proteins, BCAA and even complex of creatine and specific amino acids!
    Jumbo from Scitec Nutrition is whole-range gainer, containing high amount of proteins, BCAA and even complex of creatine and specific amino acids!

After exercise, even a product containing more sugars will be able to have a positive effect on our body. This is due to the fact that we care about increasing the insulin level in order to replenish the glycogen stores faster and transport nutrients to the muscles.

Another option is to replace the meal with a protein-carbohydrate shake. However, this should not be permanent but only temporary. We can use this treatment when we do not have the opportunity to eat a wholesome meal. With no time to prepare or eat anything, the shake will be a good solution. Much better than ready-made fast and heavily processed food from a gas station or even a grocery store.

Gainer as a dietary supplement?

Gainer as a supplement to the diet is primarily to increase the number of calories for people who are unable to eat enough normal food. However, this is a good solution in the short run, unless we have a really well balanced diet. Most gainer products only provide proteins and carbohydrates. The body also needs other ingredients. It is worth noting that the shake will not be a full replacement of the meal.

Gainer on reduction?

Gainers should not be considered as the main dishes in the diet. For this reason, it is also not recommended to replace a meal - especially for people who want to lose weight. There are too many unknowns here that may affect the effectiveness of such a solution. Gainer's task is to supplement a well-balanced diet with calories, protein and easily digestible carbohydrates. Considering all the opinions and effects of people who have tested this approach and other aspects, the use of gainer nutrients should be discouraged when reducing body fat.

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