Healthy diet? Here is a list of products that you must eat


If you have a decision under the slogan "I have to change my diet", you must know the slogan: Superfoods. These are products that contain more than other antioxidants, vitamins and micro and macro elements protecting against degeneration of cells and diseases. This fashion is worth giving.

The future on the plate

Superfoods is a marketing name, but the dissemination of the products themselves and the creation of consumer appetite was mainly caused by scientists who constantly search for measures to prevent disease and aging, something that feeds everyone on the overpopulated Earth, and a basic set for colonists to take into space and on other planets. For now, futurists predict that it will be quinoa. Easy to grow, can be used in various ways, can be converted into flour and oil. Probably with time they will add something more, but they do not bet on meat.

The ordinary consumer of superfoods also thinks about the future, but in individual categories. I mean, about himself or herself. Human life is prolonged, it's a fact. And everyone wants not only to live long, but also in the best condition, to take advantage of free time and all those years that will be available after completing the so-called social duties. And that means that now you have to take care of yourself, if not extraordinarily, then surely systematically. And the calculation is simple; the better you take care of your body now, the greater the chance for long years of freedom and pleasure.

Superfood is an interesting addition to a diet. However, remember that they wouldn't do all the work for you!
Superfood is an interesting addition to a diet. However, remember that they wouldn't do all the work for you!

Trendy cocktail

Sometimes rucola, sometimes coconuts are more fashionable, but it does not matter, something must be more fashionable. The rest do not lose their properties. Superfoods have other advantages; the components contained in them are easy to assimilate, so they do not require any special treatment. Virtually every one of them will conjure up, and most recently they are simply consumed in a mixed form. You throw into the blender what suits you, although if someone insists, of course he will find hundreds of recipes for blends with accurately calculated daily doses of minerals, calories, proteins, etc. You replace one meal a day with this mix. For the good start at least.

Our friend - Sven Nicholson from Healthy Changes recently prepared an excellent recipe for probably the best smoothie out there. Click on the photo to check it!
Our friend - Sven Nicholson from Healthy Changes recently prepared an excellent recipe for probably the best smoothie out there. Click on the photo to check it!

Feel godlike!

Some effects of diet change can be observed quite quickly; the skin acquires a healthier color, the hair shines, the energy level increases, the concentration and libido improve. With time, you'll notice that you have more resistance to infections, and if you catch something, you will heal faster. The time of these changes also depends on how much you have done in the body to do damage, what are your shortcomings and what. Of course, the healthiest food of the world is not enough if you continually destroy the effects of its action, drinking cola, eating fast food, sweets, white bread, abusing alcohol, tobacco, etc. Get rid of even one enemy. The easiest way to give up sweets and sugar. Really. It is true that the human brain is clever, but it can be deluded. It is known that you provide him with pleasure when you eat a solid portion of sugar in every form, and he will persuade you to get more and more. Do not let it happen. Take him to rehab. It's only two weeks. During this time you eat,

Depending on your preferences, or more wholesome dairy products, including a lot of hard cheeses, or fruits and vegetables. You will not even notice when the desire for something sweet disappears. Do not give up, in reasonable quantities, from chocolate, but choose bitter, the higher the cocoa content, the better - it is also an excellent source of antioxidants, and also speeds up metabolism, improves brain function, is considered an aphrodisiac. Two cubes a day is just to take advantage of everything that is good in it. Do not give up on black coffee, but try sweetening it with, for example, agave syrup, honey or just a little chocolate, if you can not drink completely bitter. Coffee has a rejuvenating effect on cells - in every version, also decaffeinated. But it must be of good quality and well brewed.

Say no definitely to fast foods!
Say no definitely to fast foods!


And as part of the curiosity - when you look into the basket of a young Manhattans doing shopping in popular stores WholeFood or TridersJoe, you will see there, above all, a whirl of green leaves, fruits, sweet potatoes, almonds and nuts. And Dr. Oz, a guru of healthy eating, proposes on his television program drinking coffee with the addition of coconut oil instead of milk and eating sauerkraut. And people do it. Sauerkraut is slowly gaining popularity, which has never been recorded before, with the exception of ethnic stores. It is known that it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, increases immunity, cleanses the body of toxins, and bacteria that arise in the process of ensiling, improve the bacterial flora of the digestive tract.
In the US, on the wave of superfoods, even frozen food and fast food are made with the addition of kale, quinoa and chia. However, you do not really have to eat kale from the morning till evening and eat cabbage. Changes in the diet are better to introduce less drastically, try what tastes good. Slowly, in small quantities, but consistently, so that the body gets a dose of repairing components damage in a continuous movement. In practice, it is not difficult.
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