Herbs to speed up metabolism

Diet is an important element of taking care of yourself. Regular exercise and proper nutrition form the basis for a beautiful and slim figure. To get the desired effect more quickly, we also need the right metabolism. The world of nature also gives us this "weapon" to fight for a body sculpture - herbs to speed up the metabolism.


In other words it is the set of life sustaining chemical reactions in our organisms. How fast we digest food and whether it is deposited dangerously or burned depends on metabolism. Problems with maintaining the right weight, bloating, gases, feeling of fullness are the symptoms of disturbed metabolism. It is them that mean significantly slowed down metabolism. Such bad metabolism is also connected with apathy, drowsiness, discouragement and lack of concentration. 

Why are herbs so helpful?

  • they prevent the yo-yo effect
  • they degrease the blood vessels
  • they cleanse the intestines
  • they eliminate constipation
  • they improve intestinal peristalsis
  • they speed up the metabolism

Common Dandelion

It is a very important herb because it prevents the accumulation of fats and speeds up  metabolism. It helps remove excess water from the body.


It is called the queen of herbs. First of all, it has the biggest advantage for being a repository of vitamins, which means that it strengthens us. Such a cocktail with nettle in the main role, in addition to a large energy sprint, cleanses the body of toxins, and thus has a very good effect on speeding up metabolism. 

Wild Pansy (Viola Tricolor)

This a very sweet herb, which a little bit resembles the taste of a honey drink, is perfect for people who cannot speed up metabolism in other ways and give up. Pansy releases additional energy. It is a two in one action.

Silver Birch

It's not just a herb for infections and immunity. It also helps us and our metabolism by a greater bile secretion, causes faster digestion, and our metabolism is more quickly stimulated to work.


It speeds up  metabolism, cleanses the intestines of toxins, has a diuretic effect.


Known as the herb of love. It is a very strong herb that affects metabolism. It helps get rid of excess water from the body.

Summer Savory

Due to its antispasmodic effect, it causes faster elimination of residual food debris from the gastrointestinal tract.


There is a reason why it is added to meals with eggs, potatoes and sauces. This herb in the form of spice has a positive effect on better gas peristalsis, facilitates defecation.

We have a plenty of herbs to boost our metabolism. And it is always suggested to stick to natural solutions!
We have a plenty of herbs to boost our metabolism. And it is always suggested to stick to natural solutions!

Herbs to boost metabolism - summary

We should remember that metabolism depends not only on genes. The most important factors are our eating habits, lifestyle, how much we eat and how we eat. Regular meals, proper hydration, exercise are the 3 most important commandments related to the correct metabolism level.

We have a natural weapon to fight for being fit. Let's use these sources. Mother Nature has provided us with really valuable plants that are safe and naturally support our stomach, intestines. Thanks to them, we can introduce balance into our body. Feel light!

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