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High protein food, or something to replace protein supplements

In sports that include strength, high amounts of protein in the diet is essential. It allows for the regeneration and building of muscles as well as their protection against catabolism during the reduction. Protein most often comes from meat, eggs and dairy products, but in many cases we have to supplement its supply from other sources.

Protein food is gaining more and more popularity, as it can be an alternative to protein supplements. Protein-rich products will not only satisfy the protein requirement, but will also replace many unhealthy snacks. What protein products will we find on the market?

High protein bars 

The protein bars have settled into good times. We can choose from a wide variety of flavors,  both chocolate and fruit. Depending on our needs, we can choose high-calorie (sugar) or less calorie, sugar-free and low-fat. The latter will be much better during reduction. When choosing a bar, pay attention to the composition and protein percentage. The best protein bars are almost full-fledged meal replacements. Those with a higher carbohydrate content will also work well in the form of a post-workout meal, supplementing the glucose level.

High Protein Omelettes

Omelette, because of the eggs, has a large amount of protein in itself. But why not give it a twist? High protein omelettes are not only delicious but also easy to prepare. Just mix the right amount of powder with water and fry the prepared dough in a pan. The great advantage is that they can be made in many different ways. High Protein Omelettes are available in sachets or large packs containing many servings.

High protein pancakes

Pancake, or American pancakes, are the perfect sweet dish. Although they associate mainly with breakfast, they can also replace our lunch or dinner. High protein pancakes will also provide us with a solid portion of protein. How do they differ from ordinary pancakes? They are smaller and thicker, as we are adding a leavening agent. They are soft and elastic. Traditionally it’s served with blueberries, fruit, honey, whipped cream, and above all with maple syrup.

High-protein yogurts

Yogurt is a great snack in the daytime. They can also be added to other dishes. Many of them contain a large amount of sugar and very little protein. Fortunately, there are also yogurts created for the gym enthusiasts. High protein yogurts have an extra portion of protein, and often also lowered sugar content. In addition, they are also available in drinking form, so you can drink them at work, in school or after workout at the gym.

Protein latte

High protein coffee? Is it possible at all? Of course! As much as to say that in 30 grams of latte coffee there is ... as much as 20 grams of protein! This is the equivalent of a 100g of chicken fillet. Protein latte is a way to raise calories in a simple and delicious way.

Protein shot

How to provide essential amino acids to build muscle in the easiest way? We do not always have want food, and sometimes even squeezing in a thick protein supplement may be a problem. A momentary lack of appetite does not necessarily mean that we should neglect the supply of protein. The solution may turn out to be a protein shot. At just 118g the bottle will find as much as 50g of beef protein hydrolyzate, equivalent to eating 350g of beef!

Beef jerky

Beef jerky is a popular snack especially in America, but more and more also available in other places. These are long strips of dried beef with added salt or spices. You can also see beef jerky made from marinated beef. Due to the fact that the product is completely dried, it can be stored without freezing for several months. In a typical serving of beef jerky (30g) we will find even 15 grams of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates and fats. It's a real protein bomb.

The above dishes and snacks will not replace a balanced diet, but can be a great complement to it. Many of them will also be used as a supplement to vegetarian diets that are low in protein. If you’re tired of your favorite protein supplements and you want something else, try something from our list. The numbers must be right!



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