Hit the gym or the snooze button?

Sven Nicholson

A very common problem with getting regular exercise is time. We don’t have time to workout besides our 9-5 jobs and personal life, at least that’s what we tell ourselves. Throughout the day you are beating yourself up to that you still have to go to the gym and in the end, disappointingly, you say to yourself, I’ll go tomorrow. But tomorrow stays tomorrow and rarely becomes today. Working out in the morning could be your solution to structurally incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Let me explain why, in today’s blog!

Longer sleep or earlier training?

I will tell you upfront, it is hard getting out of bed when you could actually spend some more time in your soft, warm and comfy bed but don’t be fooled! Getting up early to get your workout in, might actually help you feel rested, happier and energized.

Research has shown that morning workouts improve your sleep the next night, you will have deeper, longer and therefore, better quality sleep which leaves you better rested in the morning and therefore, could make it easier to wake up for your next morning workout!

Besides better sleep during the next night, you will notice immediate effects after a workout. During the workout endorphins get released which make you feel happier and be more positive, this effect can be seen throughout the day and may influence your work and personal life for the better.

Furthermore, another very interesting fact is that afternoon and evening workouts could have a negative effect on your sleep due to the previously mentioned endorphins which will energize your body. So, when you exercise after dinner you will be awake until late night and may experience difficulties falling asleep which will make it again more difficult to wake up in the morning.

Besides releasing endorphins, exercise also helps reducing cortisol levels, cortisol is a stress hormone. Therefore, a morning workout will help you start your day less stressed due to the lowered cortisol levels, relieving tension and relaxed muscles.

As mentioned before, it can feel like a struggle to get out of bed in the morning to do a workout. You should know that it roughly takes 66 days until you have taught yourself a new habit. So, challenge yourself, and try to keep implementing morning workouts for 66 days because once it is a habit, it will become easier to do.

Hitting gym at ther morning? Yes please!
Hitting gym at ther morning? Yes please!

Tips for getting up earlier:

To help you, I have made a list of things you can do to get out of bed easier.

  1. Put your alarm clock out of reach of your bed.This will push you to get out of bed to turn off your alarm. Make sure you do not climb back in bed but start getting ready immediately!
  2. Prepare your workout clothes and put them next to your bed to remind you what you planned on doing.
  3. Start thinking about food. Make yourself to crave some foods so you will get up and make yourself breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea to give yourself a caffeine boost.
  4. Push yourself the first few days to get the routine started. The longer you do it the easier it will get. Maybe ask your partner, if you have one, to kick you out of bed.
  5. Lastly, an alternative way to help you wake up is Pre-workout from MZ Store. This will give you a mental and physical boost to start your workout!
Need a help hand in waking up? MZ Preworkout is here for a help!
Need a help hand in waking up? MZ Preworkout is here for a help!

And remember, working out is important no matter what time of day it is. If you have a day that you didn’t you get out of bed on time, it's not a huge problem! Just make sure you get your workout in later that day. Because working out at whatever time of day, is better than skipping a workout!

Written by Sven Nicholson | Online Personal Trainer @ www.healthychanges-pt.com







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