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HMB – supporting the building of muscle mass

HMB is hydroxymethylbutyrate which is one of the most popular ingredients found in sports nutrition. His task is to support muscle mass and facilitate fat burning. HMB is a metabolite, hence the final product of leucine metabolism.

HMB operation

HMB activity is extremely wide, which is why it is often used in the form of supplements by athletes. So what is the ingredient of this ingredient. First of all, it strengthens the body's immune system. It is a very good product that increases muscle volume, increases strength and also reduces the fat content in the body. HMB also reduces cholesterol levels.

Dosage HMB

It is recommended to take HMB in the amount of 3 g per day distributed in two or three doses for men and 2 g per day spread over two or three doses for women. Higher doses do not contribute to increased effects, but are only removed in the urine. It is worth combining HMB with creatine, because these two elements together give better results associated with the increase in muscle mass.

Research confirming the effectiveness of HMB

First of all, HMB helps to increase muscle mass. A group of men practicing sports was examined. Some people took HMB in an amount of 3000 mg, others received a placebo. In the first group, muscle mass grew on average 1.3 kg with increasing strength.

Other studies have confirmed that HMB contributes to an increase in efficiency by up to 10%. For this purpose, a group of rowers was examined. The group receiving it three times a day at a dose of 3000mg obtained these results better than those receiving placebo.

HMB also affects cellular reconstruction, because it is a component of cell membranes causing their rebuilding as well as growth. What's more, it prevents catabolism, improves immunity and supports reduction.

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