How I stopped eating sweets

Today we recommend an article coming from the blog – an article devoted entirely to motivation and proven ways to get rid of the problem of sweetness, which is simply a recipe for how to stop eating sweets.

Friends often ask me how to get started to eat healthy food. One of the first questions that I ask them, is the question of their sample daily menu. It will not be exaggeration to write that 80% of them as part of their daily diet lists a bun, candy bar, wafer, etc. Almost everyone eats sweets, daily! I used to have the same, but in a moment ...

Sudden bouts of desire for sweet is the responsibility of insulin (and more specifically its sharp decline) and glucagon. A healthy lifestyle and properly balanced diet provide a balance between the two hormones. When your diet is inadequate (namely, you consume too much sugar), the pancreas produces large amounts of insulin while reducing the production of glucogen, resulting in reduced ability to burn fat.

Sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels, among others, are the reason of desire for sweets. If you manage to create a proper diet, which will not contribute to sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels and make thet the pancreas will produce both insulin and glucagon, you will ensure yourself a stable supply of energy and at the same time, fat burning.

Throughout this whole process, an important role is also played by serotonin, so-called "hormone of happiness". Slight fluctuations in its level represent only minor fluctuations in the sense of satiety or appetite. Unfortunately, it is easy to disturb this situation. The rapid increase in blood sugar that occurs eg. after eating something sweet increases significantly the levels of serotonin, causing a strong feeling of satiety. Unfortunately, the sugar level falls then as abruptly as it increased, which means a decrease in serotonin levels and, consequently, deterioration of mood and increased appetite. Again, we are up for sweet and the circle is complete.

Even three years ago, when I wasn’t running a healthy lifestyle I was struggling with the "problem of sweet". The bun with poppy seeds was a constant point of my every morning. But I managed to handle it. How? I used these 5 simple steps:

1. I eliminated all sweets which was lying at home or at my desk at work. I got rid of the temptation. Sweet snacks replaced walnuts, delicacies and fresh fruits (in a small amount).

2. I increased the amount of protein. Check this method. Gradually increase the protein intake and watch your organism how it changes craving for sweet. It is closely related. You'll see.

3. I added a dietary supplement in the form of chromium (it stabilizes blood sugar levels) and magnesium (the lack increases the appetite for chocolate) to my diet.

4. I started to eat regularly. To leave out one meal reduces blood sugar levels, which in turn increases the desire for sweets.

5. I survived the first three days, then a week, two weeks. It's like with smoking cessation. Further, it was a shame to go back to smoking after such a long period without buns. From time to time, average once every two weeks, under so-called "cheat meals" or "cheat day" I allowed myself a small wafer or bun. But I was not going to snack sweets regularly. It was a form of reward for persistence or a form of mental reset. 

Good Luck!

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