How not to gain weight when quitting smoking?


Increased awareness of the negative effects of tobacco on health state means that many people decide to quit smoking. Among the problems that can arise during the fight against smoking, addiction includes weight gain. If you do not want quitting smoking to result in the need to switch to a reduction diet, it is worth following the rules below.

Quitting smoking and getting fat

It is worth reassuring those who are wondering if quitting smoking causes weight gain. Weight gain is not a direct result of stopping smoking. Weight gain occurs when a man who quits smoking replaces cigarettes with snacks. There are two reasons for the increased appetite. First, nicotine reduces appetite, which is why smokers often need less food than those who do not smoke. Secondly, smoking distracts us from snacks. People who quit smoking are missing a break for a cigarette. The smoking habit is often replaced by eating snacks between meals.

How not to gain weight when quitting smoking?

Snacking can be replaced by chewing gum. Some people choose nicotine gums at first so as not to feel a strong craving for nicotine. It is worth remembering, however, that such gums should not be used for too long, because, like cigarettes, they contain substances harmful for your health. If the problem is primarily a habit of smoking, then you can try ordinary chewing gums. It is better to choose sugar-free gums so as not to worsen the condition of the teeth, which have also suffered as a result of many years of smoking.

Instead of a snack, you can reach for more water. The principle is very simple. When we want a snack, we drink a few sips of water. Herbs that have a calming effect and reduce appetite should also be used. Sedative herbs like lemon balm, hops and valerian. Such infusions will reduce the nervous tension that often accompanies smoking cessation.

Harmful substances in cigarettes
Harmful substances in cigarettes

If we are not able to give up snacking, it is worth stocking up with light snacks and remove all sweets and salty, high-calorie snacks from sight. Instead of cookies, there should be chopped fruit and vegetables in the fridge. Replace the candy bars with crispy bread or rice wafers. Some people reach for dried fruit, but you have to remember that they contain a lot of calories, so you can not overdo it with their amount.

If we decide to fight nicotine addiction, it is worth looking for an activity that will distract us from the desire to reach for a cigarette or a snack to replace it. This is particularly important for people working in places where are many smokers. Such people are accustomed to joining in on cigarette breaks, so you need to find another way to use your free time. Maybe it’s time to reach for good literature or listen to new albums of your favourite musicians.

Quitting smoking is not easy, but not impossible. If we take the right action, we will overcome the addiction without side effects such as weight gain.

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