How to care and what to use for joints?


Sometimes, it is enough to eliminate bad eating habits and start playing sports to enjoy better joint condition again. It is also worth following the specialist’s recommendations regarding prevention of joints diseases. Regular intake of appropriate dietary supplements will also support the proper functioning of the osteoarticular system. What substances are the most effective for joints condition? How to care over them? Check this article to find out!

Who should use supplements for joints?

Before answering the question of what to use for joints, it is necessary to determine when supplementation is indicated at all. It is worth remembering that this should be decided by a physician based on your detailed medical history. Preparations supporting the efficient actions of joints are recommended for people who have potentially deficiencies of substances like collagen, Vitamin C or glutamine.

These groups include above all athletes, hard-working people, elderly people, people suffering from a degenerative disease (regardless of age) and struggling with overweight. In the last case, supplementation alone is insufficient - the most important thing is to reduce body weight to the correct level.

Osteoarthritis - a typical disease in which joint degeneration occurs
Osteoarthritis - a typical disease in which joint degeneration occurs

What should be in good preparation for joints?

Once joints get injured, unfortunately, recovery is difficult and sometimes they never get fully functional again. All types of cartilage damage may heal, but they are covered by so-called connecting tissue that only resembles cartilage. Persistent severe pain and mobility problems can signal degeneration of the joints - e.g. rheumatoid inflammation. In this case, only strong drugs can help.

Meanwhile, it is much more effective and safer to prevent disease than to fight them later and treat unpleasant ailments. That is why it is good to use appropriate supplements for joints as a preventive measure. Their use can help in general regeneration and accelerate the so-called scarring processes. This is especially important for athletes and other people who regularly exercise.

Chondroitin, glucosamine and sulfur

The most important substances with beneficial effects on joints include sulfur, chondroitin and glucosamine. Sulfur prevents degeneration of joints and also has a positive effect on proper cell division and development. The last two substances can be found primarily in seafood, such as shrimp, mussels and crayfish. However, not everyone likes them or has the opportunity to eat them at all. If you are unable to consume them, it is best - in consultation with your doctor - to obtain good-quality preparations that allow you to supplement those valuable ingredients. What else helps for joints?

Fish oil

Regular use of fish oil (preferably the most valuable fish oil, which is considered to be fish oil obtained from the cod liver) helps inhibit the degeneration of joint tissue. Meanwhile, collagen and hyaluronic acid, although rather associated with cosmetology and cosmetics, also show a number of properties that make them very valuable ingredients in the prevention of joints.

For Fish Oil supplementation we recommend Ultra Fish Oil from Apollo's Hegemony.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid chemical formula
Hyaluronic acid chemical formula

Collagen has a different structure, depending on the places where it is located. Type II collagen is present in the joints. Its deficiencies result in reduced joint function. Hyaluronic acid, in turn, has an analgesic and improving effect on synovial joints, especially the ankle, hip and knee joints

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