How to get a healthy amount of sleep

Despite tiredness you just can’t sleep? You wake up in the morning and unsuccessfully try to get away from the intrusive thoughts? Today there are many people who are struggling with sleeping problems on a daily basis. The fast pace of life, everyday problems and stress can effectively disrupt the night's agenda and undermine the chances of a healthy sleep. Why do we need it so much?

What does healthy sleep mean?

Proper diet and physical activity are the key to a healthy body and well-being. However, you should add yet another equally important element to these two: sleep and its quality.

Unusual power of regeneration makes the healing processes happen at night. Sleep rejuvenates and transmits a huge dose of energy. After a pleasant night of sleep, both our body and mind are perfectly prepared to work effectively all day.

Why is this happening?

Good sleep quality is the balance of body and mind, as well as the depreciation of all experiences, stresses and emotions. During sleep our body rests, but at the same time performs some important tasks for us.

For many years, there is a natural pattern and order that we routinely disrupt by introducing disproportionate hours of sleep, work and rest. The natural rhythm of the day and night is to live according to nature and the clock, which knows well what is good for us. According to the latest research, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, the best time to fall asleep is between 9PM and 10PM. At 11PM we should be deeply asleep, because between 11PM and 1AM we can get the most qualitative sleep. If we skip this stage, we will not get as much sleep, even if we sleep all day. So the key is not the amount of hours spent, but their quality.

Rules of healthy sleep - remember about them to improve your sleep quality!
Rules of healthy sleep - remember about them to improve your sleep quality!

Unusual power of regeneration

A lot of research confirms that the night is for sleeping and that our body needs it. Research also shows that people who work night shift and those who are staying up late at night are "thirty percent more likely to be at risk of heart attack."

Repeated absence of healthy sleep can lead to serious health problems such as chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, decreased immunity or even obesity. Hormonal growth, which is responsible for the appetite, makes people working late and notoriously sleepy, and eat a lot more. They compensate for the energy shortages and more often gain weight.


Falling energy, low moods, vitality, chronic fatigue is a sign that we need balance and a healthy, regenerating sleep. Early bed time turns out to be salutary to us all! It’s worth to change habits and start our nights rest earlier.

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