Dealing with excessive weight after pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time that for many women means significant weight gain. After having a baby, it’s often very difficult to get back to your previous weight. How not to gain weight and get back into shape after giving birth?

Eat healthy during pregnancy - it will be easier after delivery

Pregnancy is a unique period in a woman’s life. She must then especially take care of health because she does it not only for herself but also for her child. However, many women forget about a healthy menu and indulge in pregnancy, justifying it with hormones and increased body demand. Is this really the case? Of course, being pregnant is not worth refusing everything and counting calories, but remember that greater mother weight does not mean a larger and healthier baby, both during pregnancy and after delivery. Eating too much, future mothers can harm both themselves and the baby. Pregnancy intoxication often occurring due to excessive weight could be dangerous for both.

Consult a specialist

During pregnancy tests at the gynecologist, the pregnant woman’s weight should be measured regularly. If the weight is too low or too high, the doctor must inform the woman about this fact. However, it is worth making sure that everything is OK and consult your doctor about your diet and weight gain. In case of irregularities, advice can be done regarding changing the menu.

How much weight can you gain?

How much the future mother can gain weight depends mainly on her weight before pregnancy. In underweight women, weight can increase by up to 18 kg during pregnancy. Ladies who have problems with maintaining a healthy weight should not gain more than 7-8 kg. It is alarming that many women gain up to 30 kg during pregnancy. This is mainly due to cravings, increased desire for sweets and replacement of healthy, wholesome meals with caloric snacks. During pregnancy, you should not eat for two, and notorious whims certainly will not help either mother or child.

When do you start losing weight after giving birth?

Some women lose weight after giving birth without any extra effort. Others need to do some more work. Losing weight without sacrifice mainly applies to women who were not overweight before giving birth, and during pregnancy gained as much weight as they should, without drastically changing their diet. However, if we do not belong to this group, we should remember that the body after pregnancy and delivery needs some respite. It is better not to go on any diet or exercise too hard until we are breastfeeding.

Healthy nutritional habits should be your best friend during pregnancy!
Healthy nutritional habits should be your best friend during pregnancy!

During this time, it is worth eating regularly and drinking a lot of fluids - preferably water and green tea, which will cleanse the body of toxins and help a little in burning unnecessary fat. After delivery, many mothers focus mainly on the baby. This is natural, especially if it is the firstborn and a woman is just learning to be a mother. However, it is not worth forgetting about yourself. Regular meals time is crucial if we want to be healthy and enjoy a healthy weight. Therefore, even when caring for a baby, let’s not forget about the needs of our own body.

How to lose weight after delivery?

When we have stopped breastfeeding and the weight has not returned to that before delivery, it is worth going to a specialist. The dietitian will make the necessary measurements and arrange a menu that will allow you to lose weight healthily. After giving birth, it is worth giving up all the nutritional sins we were able to afford during pregnancy sweets, junk food, salty snacks and sweet drinks. Instead, more vegetables, fruits, mineral water and lean chicken meat should be added to the menu.

Can you train during pregnancy?

Physical activity is also important - at the beginning not very intense kind of it certainly but try to add some intensity over time. This will not only help you in returning to the previous weight but also improve the appearance of your body, on which stretch marks often come after pregnancy. Exercises after delivery will reduce them a bit thanks to firming the figure.

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