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How to start supplementation?

Supplementation, along with diet and training, is a factor supporting the way to the training goal. Nutrients are used by all practitioners - both beginners and advanced. It is worth to be aware that products that work well in the next stages of experience and training, definitely do not allow the less experienced players to use the potential. Which products should pay attention to when starting an adventure with the gym? Check out more about nutrients and beginner supplements.  

Supplements in the training plan  

Supplements and a gym are a great combination. And everyone is also aware that an effective training plan should be combined with the right diet. Along with the increase in training experience and skills, the requirements of the body relative to food also grow.

It is then worth reaching for supplements.

Supplements will be a valuable addition to your diet. They turn out to be necessary at a time when we are unable to provide sufficient supply of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Supplementation for an advanced person will be different from that used by people starting an exercise. A good example is pre-workout

  • for beginners - it can consist of caffeine from coffee or herbal extracts;
  • for advanced people - it is characterized by more complex, stronger substances.

Are supplements necessary in the beginner's training plan? Is it not better to take full advantage of what the diet, training and body of the practitioner offers? It's worth considering.

Supplements for beginners - is it worth it?  

The beginnings at the gym usually involve great enthusiasm and interest in the topic of body building. People who look after supplementation are often observed just after purchasing the gym ticket. Is it right? The first few weeks of training, the beginner should focus, among others on

  • improving overall fitness,
  • work on condition,
  • gradual getting accustomed to an active lifestyle,
  • implementation of dietary principles.

In the vast majority of cases, the mere appearance of physical activity is a sufficient stimulus, eg for the development of muscle mass or reduction of body fat. In such cases, many packages of expensive supplements are simply unnecessary. Some of the popular measures are recommended for people with one or two years' service, because only then allow full use of the potential. However, if you want to ensure proper regeneration, a good idea will be the basic supplementation in the form of supplementing micro and macronutrients, e.g. proteins in the diet.

What supplements for beginners?  

Supplements should definitely be included in the training plan as the last element. Preference is first of all given to an appropriate training and diet plan. What supplements for beginners, however, will be the best?

Protein for beginners


Supplementation for beginners should most often start with the purchase of protein, which you can quickly and easily prepare before and after the workout.

Increased supply of proteins is desirable both during reduction and during mass building. In the first case, it saturates and provides increased consumption of calories during digestion, and in the second - provides material for fiber expansion.

Whey protein for beginners is quite sufficient. The exception are people who significantly limit the calorie content of meals or the supply of carbohydrates - then it is recommended to reach for the isolate or hydrolyzate.  

Gainer for beginners

At first, Gainer should only be used by ectomorphic cells. The use of this high-calorie nutrient is recommended only to people who have great difficulty in gaining weight. In other cases, a high carbohydrate content may cause uncontrolled fat gain.  

Creatine for beginners  

Recommended supplements to start with, usually contain creatine. However, beginners get great results, e.g. in the form of muscle growth, with a well-composed diet and training technique.

The introduction of creatine, which supports muscle hypertrophy, in most cases does not lead to improved results. Although this does not mean that creatine for beginners is not recommended.

Many trainers recommend using creatine for people with one or two years of training experience. Appearing during a stagnation in the progression is an additional stimulus.

Vitamins and minerals for beginners  

Supplements for beginners in the gym should abound with vitamins and minerals. Physical activity results in increased consumption of all micronutrients, and their supply with vegetables and fruit is often limited (especially in winter). Particular attention should be paid to preparations containing

  • magnesium,
  • sodium,
  • potassium,
  • iron,
  • calcium,
  • vitamin D3,
  • B vitamins,
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin E.

If you do not have accurate results of vitamin content in the body, it is worth using vitamin complexes. These contain safe, but quite high doses of micronutrients.

Nutrients and supplements for beginners  

Nutrients and supplements for beginners are not prohibited, although it is best to delay their use. What to buy? The basic ones are best. The initial phase of the training should focus on improving the technique of movement, getting to know your own body and using the potential you have. It's important to remember that supplements are designed to help you achieve even better results. Using them when the body is doing great alone is not recommended.

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