How to suppress your appetite?

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Hunger haunts you and you don’t know how to tame it? Are you afraid that you won’t stand it, you will burn up your pantry supplies and your diet will be no more? We come to the rescue! Our tips will help you reduce your appetite, so you could easily maintain optimal weight.


Oatmeal is valued primarily by athletes and lovers of a slim figure. Why? They contain a large number of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and whole nervous system. They are a wealth of fibre that perfectly fills up your stomach, which is why it is an ally of diets. In addition, fibre cleanses the intestines of residues of metabolic products, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, accelerates protein synthesis and thanks to the presence of B vitamins counteracts fatigue and promotes correct memory formation and concentration. When preparing oatmeal for breakfast, remember that heat treatment adversely increases their glycemic index.


Liked by the majority, eaten by the minority. At least, that’s what the statistics show. And because already one apple a day prevents various diseases, it should be present on every menu. What’s more, regular consumption of these fruits contributes to a decrease in bad cholesterol in the blood and stimulation of digestion. Apples are irreplaceable when losing weight - 100 g provides only 30-50 kcal. Instead of starving yourself, it is better to crunch this very healthy fruit. Diet and well-being will only benefit from doing it. Apples contain large amounts of water and fibre, which provides energy, effectively suppressing your appetite. The tasty fruit is best to eat 15 minutes before dinner or another meal because it takes so long for the brain to receive a signal that hunger has been satisfied. Effect? You could eat even 15% less!


Although lentils have beneficial health and nutritional properties, they are still treated with care. Break the stereotypes and include lentils in the menu and you certainly won’t regret it. Lentils are a treasury of easily digestible protein. Also, in their composition, you will find folic acid, iron and potassium. Due to resistant starch content and a large amount of fibre, those tasty grains have found wide application in slimming diets. As a reminder, fibre fills the stomach, and in result reduces appetite and prevents you from snacking. There are many varieties of lentils, you will definitely find the perfect one for you.


According to specialists, adding half of the avocado to a meal ensures a feeling of satiety for 3 hours. Eating such amount reduces appetite and minimizes snacking by 40% in the said time. Unlike other fruits, do not contain sugars, but healthy fats which can be found here increase the effectivity of the fat-burning process. It is a valuable source of the vitamin of youth, i.e. vitamin E and many other vitamins, including A, B1, B2, C, H, K, PP. It also does not lack minerals such as; phosphorus, potassium or calcium and of course fibre.


Considered as the queen of groats. This is not a surprise, because it impresses with its taste and variety of nutrients. And although the priority is to satisfy your hunger, it is worth mentioning what is hidden in these small grains. Buckwheat is a natural source of silicon, potassium, iron, copper, as well as vitamin E, B vitamins, folic acid and fibre.

We are used to buckwheat served with fattening sauces, but it also tastes good with vegetables, fish and lean meat. It should be present in the diet menu in such variety, You want to satisfy your appetite, but not gain weight - cross out sticky sauces from the menu. In addition, wanting to provide the body with the largest amount of valuable ingredients, you should give up products in cooking sachets because everything valuable in the porridge stays in the water after cooking them.

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