Ideal diet for men

Almost every man is a lover of domesticity, a comfortable armchair and traditional cuisine. Unfortunately, the results of tasting scrambled eggs with bacon, roasted sausages or pork chops with French fries turn out to be miserable. However, you can help your man to regain a nice silhouette. This is an ideal diet for men, enriched in tasty and simple dishes.

For a good start into the day – a breakfast up to 300 kcal

Your morning menu should be composed of fruits and vegetables, lean ham and white cheese. In addition to this, drink a cup of coffee or tea (if you drink them sweet, use only a sweetener!), Such a breakfast will definitely be a nice beginning of the day.

Satisfy hunger, but don’t make you fat – lunches up to 300 kcal

Regardless of the fact if you decide to follow a ready-made diet or compose your menu by yourself, remember that fat contains the most calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should limit fat in your diet. Quit eating pork hams and meat, use lemon juice for salads instead of oil and thicken soups and sauces with potato purée.

For health and soft skin – various ways to cleanse the organism

When you eat more proteins and fats than you need, energy surplus appears. In such a situation you put on weight and additionally poison your organism. Toxic remnants are stored in various parts of the body and attack the weakest organs. In order to maintain beauty and prevent diseases, you need to constantly detoxify the organism, e.g. by means of a fasting diet, breathing and healthy eating.

Remember to drink a lot of water, to improve your metabolism rate, and detoxify your organism faster!
Remember to drink a lot of water, to improve your metabolism rate, and detoxify your organism faster!

Rejuvenating fasting diet

If you are bothered by ulcers, hyperthyroidism and don’t have diabetes, you may carry out a fasting diet to cleanse your organism. At the beginning it should last one day and later longer. During this time, you don’t eat anything, drink only vegetable brews made of 2 carrots, 3 parsleys, 3 onions, celery, 2 leeks and 1 kg of potatoes boiled in skins. They support the activity of digestive glands. Fresh or in the form of juice, they facilitate the assimilation of food and stimulate elimination of metabolic products. Grapefruit eaten on an empty stomach facilitates the assimilation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and lemon juice (with water) drunk in the morning on an empty stomach dissolves concretions of bile acid, while grated apple treats diarrheas.

If you like vegetables and fruits – eat how much you want, but wisely

For breakfast eat mainly carbohydrates, providing energy for the whole day, for lunch – protein products and for dinner – a portion of carbs helping to burn fat. Add a lot of vegetables to each meal, and snack fruits between meals. Thanks to these simple rules you will lose weight, feel better and… younger.

Dinner for those who care about weight – up to 350 kcal

Potato diet does not need to mean a range of self-sacrifices and constant fight with the feeling of hunger. You will avoid this, if you plan your menu reasonably. Try to eat small portions, e.g. 5-7 times a day and you will quickly realize that you will not only lose extra kilograms, but also feel much better. This piece of advice especially applies to people in mature age.

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