Indian nettle – properties, action, reviews

Indian nettle - properties

The positive properties of the biologically active substances contained in this remarkable plant were already appreciated in ancient Indian medicine (Ayurveda). It was used as a way of alleviating many ailments, but it is worth emphasizing its influence on the intensity of fat burning. It can be stated that it intensifies the processes of lipolysis - the process of fat degradation.

Fatty acids released in this way can be directly transferred to the body’s energy centres for oxidation. Therefore, it works as a great way to regulate body weight and shape your dream figure. The miraculous properties of the Indian nettle are due to the forskolin, which is obtained from both the leaves of the herb, but also the root, often considered to be the richest source of biologically active substances.

Interestingly, the Indian nettle is sometimes used as an ornamental plant because of its distinctive colour and shape.

Chemical structure of Forskolin - main active substance of Indian Nettle
Chemical structure of Forskolin - main active substance of Indian Nettle

The Indian nettle - benefits

Regular supplementation can bring many measurable benefits, but its impact on the fight against overweight, which is probably the biggest issue for the majority of society, is particularly worth emphasizing.

It increases the burning of adipose tissue and at the same time increases the growth of dry muscle tissue. Therefore, it helps to improve the physical form, as well as the athletic figure - so can you complain? Not really! All this is done naturally, without unnecessary or even illegal additives.

Of course, don't expect a sudden change in your figure after a few portions of standardized Indian nettle extract, all the more so without diet and physical activity.

Forskolin contained in Indian nettle in addition to its fat-reducing properties contributes to:

  • activation of many neurotransmitters
  • reducing autoimmune reactions
  • enhancing the antidepressant effect of other substances
  • support of the thyroid work
  • support of proper heart function

Indian nettle - contraindications

According to commonly accepted principles, the use of nettle is discouraged for pregnant women in India because the effects of forskolin on foetal development are not yet known.

It also has an anticoagulant effect, which could lead to difficulty in controlling bleeding, including miscarriage.

Indian nettle - reviews

The forskolin contained in the composition is valued for its pro-healthy action, although most of all for its impact on the reduction of body fat.

Given that it comes from the natural extract and is free of negative effects on a healthy body - this is definitely one of the best choices if you want to lose some unnecessary weight.

It is worth noting that a frequent effect that is noted by people who regularly use it is not the weight loss itself, but the reduction of adipose tissue content while increasing the rate of gaining lean muscle tissue.

It is, therefore, an exceptional preparation with very good opinions, which is even worth reaching for. Whether you are a beginner or a professional - reach for natural support in your way on getting peak physical form.


Preparations based on extracts from Indian nettle leaves are becoming increasingly more popular. This is not a coincidence, because it is hard to underestimate its health-promoting properties.

Of course, one of the biggest pros of using such substances is its positive influence on the process of excessive losing fat tissue. It is worth noting that it is used in traditional medicine as a way of treating many other ailments.

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