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Is green tea healthy for stomach and liver?

How to prepare green tea?
Green tea is valued because of its health properties – it supports the work of the circulatory system, it delays the aging of cells, helps in digestion. But, like everything, what we consume in an excess, may adversely affect the body. We’re saying about regular drinking huge amounts of green tea, in this case. Two or three cups of green tea shouldn’t be harmful for anyone.

Is green tea healthy for stomach?
Green tea is safe for stomach. One cup drunk after the meal supports the digestion, and brings a relief after having dish too hard to digest. We shouldn’t drink green tea for an empty stomach for a one simple reason – tannin contained in a tea can irritate the stomach wall and cause discomfort. It’s much better to it a light breakfast first.

Is green tea healthy for liver?

Polyphenols or antioxidants, which are located on the green tea leafs help reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Laboratory tests on animals have shown, that the excess of polyphenols have adverse impact for liver. However, it turned out that the inadvisable dose is ten cups of green tea drunk regularly for a period of time. But there is a proof that green tea is healthy for body, thanks to contained caffeine – it helps with the fatness of the liver, improving the work of the organ. It has a special importance for people fighting with the overweight.

Is green tea healthy for pregnant women?
Pregnant women should follow a proper diet and it also concerns the green tea. Obviously, a cup of green tea from time to time is safe for future mum and a child, but we need to remember that allowed amount of drunk cups are two cups per day. The reason of this limit is the fact, that green tea has stimulating properties. Caffeine contained in green tea leafs might be not recommended for fetus. Similarly, as with other foods and drinks, it’s always best solution to ask for advice the doctor, who takes care of your pregnancy.

Is green tea healthy for children?
Properly prepared green tea is completely safe for every kindergarten child. The teine is not recommended for young children, a component with a stimulating effect. Therefore, green tea should be brewed for more than 4 minutes, to let the tannis found in a tea neutralize the thein. Such tea will have a calming and relaxing effect.

Is express green tea healthy?
Tea leaves are divided into several categories depending on the place from which they grow. The most precious are the youngest ones, from the tops of plants, hand-picked and processed. The least valuable resource is the so-called tea-house dust, which also contains the remains of broken leaves from the higher parts of the bush. It is this dust that is intended for the production of tea bags in bags. Such a brew will not only not have the right taste, but it also does not have such health properties as the infusion of leafy green tea leaves.

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